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Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 35

Outland Arts Insider issue 35                  December 24th 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Epochians!
Well, it's been a very different year for me, especially wit
h regards to the blow out of my right eye (full story here from my Blog). The update with my retinal detachment and the slow healing process is just this: I have heavy oil in the eye to try and keep the retina pushed back and in place so it can heal. The pressure is too high so I need to take a couple of different eye drops throughout the day. While I can sorta see, the oil has gone somewhat cloudy and so distorts my vision.
    I've been unable to work much on the computer and find certain bright lights intolerable. At any rate, I have surgery in January and after that, I hope to gradually get my vision back close to where it was before this all happened in September.
As many of you well know, the completion and release of The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules have been on hold — although I've managed to get a ton of work done on edits, late additions and some of the ink art.
 As for the cover art for the Expansion Rules, I started it in oils so here it is as ‘a work in progress’. I am not entirely sure if I can use oil paint is an illustration medium — as opposed to a fine art medium — due to the drying time, leaning on it while working, and possible issues with fine detail work. I might tackle this in acrylics and mixed media, or go back to digital painting as I did for nearly all of the previous Mutant Epoch book covers.
So what the hell have I been doing if not working on the Expansion Rules full time?
    Well, I’ve been heavily involved with Goodman Games doing interior art and maps for The Lost City and other products for 5e and Dungeon Crawl Classics, as well as making a dent in the edits for the Mutant Epoch Novel series. With three kids still at home, I still need to do some freelance illustration and working for Joseph Goodman, and their new art director, Matt, really keeps my drawings fresh. Besides, they produce cool products and its sometimes fun to work as a team and do a little fantasy art now and then.

In my leisure time, which is scant, I have been watching a Netflix original series called The 100, which has been out for a long time I know but I just started binge-watching it after my eye issues started. They’ve just announced their seventh season.
    If you don’t know, its a SciFi post-apocalyptic show focused on a group of 100 young adults, and their interactions with the inhabitants of the post ‘prime fire’ Earth. While it is woefully lacking in mutant lifeforms and monsters, I’ve enjoyed it so far and think it offers some great ideas for TME game masters.


As for the Expansion Rules Book, we’ve set up an ongoing art gallery of finished inks at our website right here.  I also post new art on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and MeWe.

In closing, I just want to thank everyone for their patience with the Expansion Rules and the long delay in getting it done and out the door, for this is a project that might be bigger than its creator.
In some ways, it is a blockage in a great dam of other TME content, much of which is already written and in layout. My hope is that after the January surgery, and a few weeks recovery, I can work longer than a few hours a day without painful eye strain, and get back to it with a vengeance.

Stay tuned for what I expect will be a glorious 2020 with several new releases, more Monday Mutants, One Day Digs, and an all-new eyeball.

Stay tuned.
Happy Holidays and All the best to you and yours
William McAusland & family

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