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Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 26

Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 26
August 27th 2015

A very busy summer comes to a close. As productive as we have been, especially with free PDFs, the creative schedule for this fall is booked solid. We have ongoing work by many authors on The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules, the 100 TME character’s book, Creatures of the Apocalypse Bestiary, and more One Day Digs.  Work on other lines produced by Outland Arts include a new set of Handcrafted Dungeons (Caverns), playtesting on a 28mm fantasy miniatures rules set, ongoing feasibility talk of 28mm pewter mutant epoch miniatures, and of course the TME novel series continues.

    Unlike most people, my days are 36 hours long instead of the standard 24. That really helps get all this stuff done; that and having clones in the studio.

    Getting newsletters out more often is something I wish I could do, so too, more creative updates on my blog and chatting on the TME forum. Now that fall is coming I'l be in the office more so expect regular updates.

Let’s get to it....


If you’re in the British Columbia zone, Danny Seedhouse and I will be at the Outland Arts booth at Attack-X 2015, September 11th to 13th in Kamloops BC. Although I will have major eye surgery two days before so might not be able to do much more than talk and bump into wargaming tables as I stagger about. Might wear an eye patch and pretend to be ‘the Governor’ from the Walking Dead series. Come say hello and roll up a freak.
       Learn more about the event here: http://www.attack-x.com/

New PDFs to download today!

We’ve released two new Creatures of the Apocalypse since our last real newsletter, the Chest Head by Brandon Goeringer and the Talontessa, by yours truly. Yesterday we released the 5th One Day Dig: Lilac Towers. Here are the details on these three PDFs…

Can your Dig Team Drive them off?

Standing nearly three meters tall, the brutal, barbaric Chest Head is a carnivorous tribal humanoid. Dreaded by commoners and ruin looters alike, these freaks are man-eaters, sometimes appearing as their usual two headed variants, or extra mutated!

            The Chest Head is our 12th Free Creature of the Apocalypse for The Mutant Epoch RPG and was written by Brandon Goeringer and illustrated by William McAusland.


The cruel, beautiful and vain race of talontessa… a deadly, feminine touch to the post-apocalyptic wastes
Depending on the region, these all-female creatures are known by different names, including Junk Jezebels, Sickle-Sues, Hook Hussies, Blood Brides, Hook Girrrls and Claw Maidens. 

            They are the mortal enemies of skullocks, ruthless to slavers, prone to robbing travelers and always on the look out for a handsome man to either seduce or ensnare. Tribal, petty and obsessed with their looks and social status in their sisterhood, the talontessa are unpredictable and should only be approached with caution. Yet, regardless of their odd ways, passions, use of poison, traps and moody natures, they can make for great allies and are as likely to help excavators as hinder them.  Unlike any other Creature of the Apocalypse in this line, loners of this race can also be utilized as player characters and this PDF comes with rules for generating such lithe, multi-limbed adventurers.

            The Talontessa is the 13th, and temporarily the final, free creature of the apocalypse. This special addition is 11 pages long and includes a d20 mutation list, disposition towards travelers table, d100 loot table, as well as rules for creating player character talontessa and a player handout art only sheet. We have more COTA creatures in the works but they will be part of a ‘for purchase’ sourcebook which includes all the previous beasts plus 6 never before seen mutant freaks. Stay tuned for that!





Come Experience Lilac Towers, it’s to die for....

The PC adventurers find the pathway up to the mysterious ruins while tracking hostile skullock and moaners.
Why would two mutant species who normally hate each other work together? Who rules them? What horrors, and loot, will be found in the buried hotel? Only a closer inspection will reveal the truth.

Lilac Towers is our 5th One Day Dig for The Mutant Epoch RPG and was written by Danny Seedhouse. In this 15 page Pay What You Want product are 8 maps, 14 illustrations and two creature variants including Moaner Immortals and Tuskers. 

Your Reviews... Please?
I know you’re all busy folks, but we're working on some sort of drive to get reviews of The Mutant Epoch RPG, not just the hub rules, but everything we put out there. If you have a free minute or two, I was wondering if you could rate the gaming goodies you’ve downloaded or purchased, or even better, write a quick review… even one word.
    Reviews are better than paid advertising for a small press, even less than glowing reviews.
    Reviews are better than paid advertising for a small press, even 'constructive' reviews.

     You can leave reviews at any or all of these links:





....and best of all is wherever you bought or downloaded your TME product!

That’s it for this issue. We will be returning to more movie links, artists and whatnot in the next OLA Insider,

William McAusland


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