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SOE Membership Kit

The Society of Excavators or SOE is an online club of purchasers of The Mutant Epoch™ Hub Rules. Every copy of the TME hub rules book, either physical, print on demand, or PDF, has a book ID code in it located among the publisher information, page 2. To get your free SOE membership, email this code  to Outland Arts at info@outlandarts.com, and a password will be issued to the purchaser after registering his or her name and other optional details. A human handles the SOE memberships, codes and assignment of passwords, so allow 24 hours a reply. The Outland Arts supplied password is used by the SOE member to login to the members only area at www.mutantepoch.com and access the enormous and growing free resource collection, as well as access to the forum and much more. You can preview the contents of the members area and see what we have to offer here.


Only the purchase of the Hub Rules book grants SOE membership, and membership remains in effect for as long as the person owns their copy of the Hub Rules. If he or she sells their copy, then that book ID code and corresponding password goes along with book to the new owner.


The reason for only buyers of the Hub Rules having access to the member’s area is that normally only the Game Master or one planning to become a GM, would have the TME Hub Rules book, and many of the goodies within the Society of Excavators members area are for the GM’s eyes only as there are a ton of downloads in this section which the GM should keep secret until they are unleashed in a game session.

GMs can freely download and store content from the SOE member’s area to either email or print in order to show their players. Also, if a player is keen to get access to the members area, he or she is likely a fan of The Mutant Epoch™ milieu and can buy and download the game and then register him or herself separately from the GM.

Again, membership to the Society is free, and automatic when a person buys a copy of The Mutant Epoch Hub Rules, either in pdf, print on demand or traditional print versions. When you buy a copy, email Outland Arts at info@outlandarts.com with the word ‘SOE’ (Society of Excavators) or similar in the subject line and simply answer these questions:

Your Name:

Your Email:

TME Hub Rules version purchased: PDF or  printed book?

Date of purchase: roughly if you aren't certain

Bought from: Where did you pick up, order or download your copy of The TME Hub Rules from? Examples Lulu.com , RPGnow!  Yourgamesnow.com, Createspace.com, Amazon.com, Drive thru RPG,  game store by name and city, or purchased second hand off friend, etc.

Once we get your email, we will register your info and send you your membership password which you can use to log into the immense free Download Area of The Mutant Epoch  . Please keep us updated of any new email address since for anti-piracy reasons, we may be changing the login password from year to year, and will need to email you the new password. We will not use your data or email for any other reason other than updating your login password, however, if you are interested in getting The Mutant Epoch newsletter, simply click here to learn more about this free email based publication.

If for any reason your membership email is not responded to within four business days, which is highly unlikely, please re-send, as there may have been connection problems or hardware failure or upgrades at our server or office.

Once you get your member's password, we urge you write it on the inside cover of your copy of the game for handy reference, and if you move away from TME and choose to re-sell the copy, the new owner can use your old codes to access the members area.

Click here For a list of what you get as a Society of Excavator member.








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