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Comments & Questions   

At Outland Arts we love to hear from our customers as well as visitors to our site. If you have a comment or question about the products, the setting, the creators, where to buy the game or anything else, please just email us at info@outlandarts.com. If the topic is something which others might be interested in, we will post it to this page or the frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Suggestion Box
Got an idea for a product, an adventure or plot, perhaps a new character type or generation system? Why not click the link below and fire off your idea? In the Subject line of your email, write 'suggestion box', and in the body of your email, mention if you would rather not name in the credits if we run with the idea.

Contact the Webmaster

Is your link down? Page not loading? Images missing? Other problems with the design or operation of this site? Just email us at info@outlandarts.com with the word ‘webmaster’ in the subject line and we’ll have our designer or server host look into ASAP.







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