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Do you like what you see here? Have you played or purchased The Mutant Epoch role playing game and enjoyed it and want to tell others about it? The best way to show your support is by playing the game; if you’re not already the game master, why not invite some friends over and introduce them to the system and setting? Secondly, if you frequent online RPG forums and the posted subject is relevant, let people know about The Mutant Epoch and how to find this site. Finally, if you’ve purchased the game from an online store such as Amazon, RPG Now! Drive Thru RPG, createspace or lulu.com, you can leave a comment on the product page for prospective buyers to read. Of course, glowing testimonials by actual players are worth their weight in silver, and if you want to supply us with a positive testimonial or review, just email us at info@outlandarts.com with the word ‘testimonial’ or ‘review’ in the subject line.

Thank you very much for your support.

The Outland Arts team








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