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Miscellaneous Questions

: What do I get if I buy a copy of the Hub Rules and then become a member of the Society of Excavators Society?

Answer: We have a web page set up detailing what is in the SOE section here.


Question: Why can't I become a SOE member if I buy another TME product?
Answer: Because normally only the game master or one planning to become a game master, would have the Hub Rules book, and many of the goodies within the Excavators Society members area are for the GM's eyes only. The GM can submit the deceased characters of his or her players to the Dead Pile, or give his or her players access to the members area using the GM's password, but this is not really recommended as there are a ton of downloads in this section which the GM should keep secret until they are unleashed in a game session.
      GMs are welcome to download, email or print and share with their players whatever SOE content they want.. Also, if a player is keen to get access to the members area, he or she is likely a fan of the Mutant Epoch milieu and for about the cost of a movie ticket, can buy and download the game as a PDF and then register him or herself separately from the GM.

Question: Is SOE membership a way to stop people from fully utilizing pirated copies of The Mutant Epoch?
Answer: No, because with the Hub Rules, one can already play the full game without the enhancements of the Society of Excavators Members Area. Pirated copies aren't really a concern for Outland Arts as statistics show that people who download hot software, pdfs and whatnot tend not to be users of the hot files, but rather file collectors and would never buy a game or become a member anyhow, therefore, not a lost sale. Besides, if you do have a pirate copy and love the game, why not support the publisher to ensure they produce more related products for you to enjoy?

Question: How do I reach other TME gamers in my area?
The best ways to find other TME players is to either ask around at your local game shop, meet other gamers at conventions, or create them either from the ranks of non-RPGers. Poaching players away from their current RPG game systems is also possible, but not always appreciated or successfully achieved. Still, many gamers enjoy playing a wide range of game systems, as well as in different genres and may appreciate getting away from a fantasy or vampire RPG for awhile and trying their hand at post apocalyptic gaming.
    Also, try these player finder sites for posting who you are and what games you would like to engage in.







Or you can post something on http://www.meetup.com/


Question: How do I become a member of the Society of Excavators (SOE)?
Answer: Membership is free and automatic with purchase or ownership of any version of The Mutant Epoch Hub Rules book. We have a membership page with all the info you will need, as well as a link to a complete overview of what is waiting inside the SOE memberís area.

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