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Art Gallery Directory    

The Mutant epoch is a highly illustrated RPG, and in this section of the web siteís visitor area we thought we would give you a taste of some of the art found in the game, as well as a peek at what is inside the SOE (Society of Excavators) memberís area. Here, you can click through the project sketch book and image gallery as well as download a few desktop wallpapers
and 20 page kidís coloring book.

If you want posters, prints or art from the game on mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads, kidís apparel, coasters, and other articles, check out our extensive Outland Arts zazzle.com/outlandarts* store. At the store, you will also find a huge collection of non-RPG art.

We now have a youtube channel dedicated to The Mutant Epoch. Our first video is an all art slide show found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWX9yxOQaLQ


            Art samples from the books:
  The Mutant Epoch RPG: Hub Rules
  The Mutant Epoch RPG: Expansion Rules In Production!                          NEW Monday Mutants Bestiary Book
  Adventure TME-1 Mall of Doom
  Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins
  The Crossroads Region
  Mutant Bestiary One
  Adventure TME-2  Beyond Red Crater
  Excavator Monthly Magazine: all issues
                          Adventure TME-3  The Flesh Weavers
                          Creatures of the Apocalypse Codex

                          TME Quick Start rules and Muddy Mayhem Gallery coming soon!

            Other TME Art Galleries
                         NEW  Art from One Day Digs 9: Wizard of the Wastes
  Original Art for Sale
  Limited Edition Lino Block Prints
  Art in Progress
NEW  Monday Mutants                      

                  Also see:
  Coloring Book and coloring pages ( Kid's Area)







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