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The Mutant Epoch Art in Progress


With Adventure TME-5 Dog Daze Published, weve turned all our focus on completing the Expansion Rules. Cover art, interior art and writing, play testing and editing are taking place in different sections of the book simultaneously. We are adding some content (mostly skills, pre-play castes, relics, mutations and expanded rules such as encumbrance) and cutting other things which deserve their own sourcebooks -- The Random Robot Generator and Random Creature Generator to name two examples.

Included here in this update are a few screenshots of the cover art in progress. I am finishing this one digitally because I need each figure on its own layer and in full length for merchandising applications and had this idea that Id make these excavators available to the community as ready to play PC/NPC characters.



Post Apocalyptic Airship

We're planning to have this one painted and used as a cover for an adventure or other supplement.


Armor Comparison
This image depicts two men, on in standard junk armor holding the mirror, and the taller fellow in powered Shell class armor. This will probably be used in an article and inked or converted to a digital grayscale painting.


Post Apocalyptic House
A very loose and far from completed little digital image showing a well off family home in the 24th century. Notice the old automobiles strapped to the side, and a mix of stone, scrap and timber materials. This place is stout and could serve as a last line of defense if the community is overrun by warmorts, skullocks or other foul humanoids.


Sickle Slayer
Destined as a cover image and creature for an issue of Excavator Monthly, this velociraptor like mutant lizard is fast, cunning, and lethal, making four attacks per round and moving so rapidly that it's defense value is at least -40. Worse, they move in packs and often lead hunting parties of reptilius.

     We have a much larger version of this rendering someplace and will replace this small one when we recover it.


Heavy Combat Robot
This image will find a home in one of the upcoming high rank adventures.


Gilled Lizardman Portrait
We plan to use this as inspiration for a new breed of Reptilius, but with gills, more robust proportions, mutations and other sneaky attributes to keep the players on their toes.


Epochian Mermaid
Sorry about the censorship block, but as this is the public area of the site we can't discount that younger viewers may stumble across the site. This mutant will be included in the Mutant Beastiary One book. Notice the gills on her neck.




Post Apocalyptic Bar and Inn
Incomplete digital painting of a plug and play bar for any TME campaign.

 The idea here is to have this as the cover to either a supplement or the cover of an Excavator Monthly issue featuring the article.




  Expedition to Rust Spire
This is the initial drawing for the cover of an upcoming adventure. The characters need to investigate the lights which circle over a taboo mountain of rubble. Who operates the mysterious orbital shuttle?

This will be a digitally painted cover illustration.


Art samples from the books:
  The Mutant Epoch RPG: Hub Rules
  Adventure TME-1 Mall of Doom
  Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins
  The Crossroads Region
  Mutant Bestiary One
  Adventure TME-2  Blood Road
  Excavator Monthly Magazine: all issues

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