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Hey, check out this  Youtube Review of the Mutant Epoch RPG and Pitford by Scott Taylor of Art of the Genre on Youtube. July 2021


"This is possibly the best game I have ever purchased out of hundreds of games. I have read the other reviews and will try and fill in some of the blanks for those who are trying to decide if this is the P. A. game they want. Read More...

Paxton K. rpg.net Sept. 2015


Visit our reviews page here

We've recently added the Expansion Rules homepage to this site. Check out concept art, the most recent Table of Contents and a request for fans to submit their own Mutations, Implants and relics for the upcoming book!

TME Expansion Rules Page here

Final Art Gallery

We've finally posted some
wicked TME fan art!



Check out our youtube book overview vids


Feb 7 2024:
TME Expansion Rules Update

Hey, Epochians, I just made a huge post at The Mutant Epoch Blog giving an update on the progress of the TME Expansion Rules book. I've got hundreds of small interior illustrations to do yet but we're almost there!   Now, its time to get back to inking muties!  WM

TME Expansion Rules Update


Layout Complete! Just wrapping up the cover art and design, late play testing and edit inserts. The big task now is doing the 100+ interior images.


See Art and Table of Contents here!

The Mutant Epoch Novel Series

In Edits and Cover Art phase

First draft completed April 2019

First edits completed winter 2020-21

17 books in one epic adventure!  Work will resume on these the day after the Expansion Rules are released!



An interview has just been released about Outland Arts and The Mutant Epoch on Geek Native. Thanks Andrew for the great questions!

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Mail-Order Bundles

PDF Bundle of Mayhem
Total value: $100.90
Special bundle price: $85.76
Savings of: $15.14 (15% off)

One Day Digs 9:
Wizard of the Wastes

Rey Rodriguez
ODD-9 15 pages
Pay What You  Want   Suggested $1.50

Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Gun Station Gamma
Adventure TME-4
62 pages
Buy Print Version $11.99  at Amazon
Buy PDF $4.99 Direct from us
or Buy PDF $4.99 at DriveThruRPG.com

View PDF Sample   |   Art Gallery 

The Flesh Weavers
Adventure TME-3
104 pages
Print $14.99 or PDF $6.99

Mutant Bestiary One
173 NEW Freaks!

The Crossroads Region Gazetteer

Adventure TME 2

Beyond Red Crater

Excavator Monthly Compendium

Pitford : Gateway To The Ruins

Adventure TME 1

The Mall of Doom





Oct 25th 2022  Just Released!

Monday Mutants Bestiary

30 Mutie Monsters to Challenge Every Excavator


As a Game Master for The Mutant Epoch, you need more mutie monsters, treasure tables, and a few short adventures to begin the mayhem!

As a TME player, you need more challenges, more heroics, and more wicked loot!

You’ll find all this, and more, within these pages! While 24 of the creatures in this tome of terrors are available as ‘pay what you want’ pdf downloads, we’ve enhanced many of them with more art and created 6 all new mutant monstrosities to challenge even the most robust dig team.

These 6 new critters are exclusive to this bestiary and include the gargantua-bison, junk-ghoul, muto-colossus, flyoid, trash-anemone, and an enormous mutant chicken called a razor beak. The other twenty-four freaks include massive apex predators like the lump devil, weed demon, masher, and pheedlot, a deep water reptilian called the wave lurker, as well as insidious ambush hunters such as the wall hugger, wyngdeth, and spider sister. Here too, player character must to contend diminutive humanoids such as the skayl lizard folk, or even smaller piffers. Other creatures include the foul-mouthed krutok, merciless shokgast, grotesque skullgut, bog-devil, along with other nightmares such as the arm-gunn, dust fiend, wriggle-hack, grumble strike, junko, noxo, rubble-imp, sap-crawler, beaked-slasho, and giant grumpy stomp

This book uses the Outland System™ game mechanic and requires only The Mutant Epoch™ hub rules RPG game book to play.

Included in this 206 page book
30 Nightmarish mutants, with many random mutation and loot tables, along with
full art player handout sheets for each.
Encounter Tables
101 Illustrations
3 Flat and 6 Isometric maps
4 Mini adventures for the ‘Shokgast’
2 Complete adventures: ‘The bog-devil’s Lair’ and ‘The Wall Hugger’s Tower’
Plus, SOE (Society of Excavator) members can freely download all the maps,
and player handout images.

OLA1012   ISBN 978-0-9949237-8-3


Buy direct via Gumroad.com

Buy at Drivethrurpg.com

Grab your free 8 page PDF sample here.


                                    or Pay What You Want at Gumroad.com here

The Mutant Epoch RPG Quick Start Rules includes everything you need to truly test drive the Outland System Game mechanic and explore the astounding, richly supported, freak filled post-apocalyptic universe of The Mutant Epoch. Included in this book are a rich sampling of mutations, skills and cybernetic implants, along with three character types: Pure stock humans, mutants and cyborgs, plus ten creatures, ten relics and basic easy to learn rules.

Also included is a brief sampling of the town of Sandbarra from the Crossroads Region Gazetteer, along with a 42 page entry level adventure called Muddy Mayhem. Learn more here!

click image to learn more

click image to learn more

Bravo-Zulu Bundle

Get it for just $189.99US +shipping

Total Bundle retail Value $292.74  -35% You Save $102.75

Oscar-Mike Bundle

Get it for just $155.00US +shipping

Total Bundle retail Value $221.90  -30% You Save $66.90

Need more Short intro and convention adventures? Grab these Pay What You Want One Day Digs

   Visit the Monday Mutants page to loot them all!   Also see their own art gallery here!



Need more mutants?  Download  our PWYW OR Free Creatures of the Apocalypse PDFs now!


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