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Expansion Rules

In Full Production
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The Mutant Epoch Novel Series

In Edits and Cover Art phase

First draft completed April 2019

First edits completed winter 2020-21

17 books in one epic adventure!



Hey, check out this  Youtube Review of the Mutant Epoch RPG and Pitford by Scott Taylor of Art of the Genre on Youtube. July 2021


"This is possibly the best game I have ever purchased out of hundreds of games. I have read the other reviews and will try and fill in some of the blanks for those who are trying to decide if this is the P. A. game they want. Read More...

Paxton K. rpg.net Sept. 2015


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We've recently added the Expansion Rules homepage to this site. Check out concept art, the most recent Table of Contents and a request for fans to submit their own Mutations, Implants and relics for the upcoming book!

TME Expansion Rules Page here

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April 25 2022

An interview has just been released about Outland Arts and The Mutant Epoch on Geek Native. Thanks Andrew for the great questions!

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PDF Bundle of Mayhem
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One Day Digs 9:
Wizard of the Wastes

Rey Rodriguez
ODD-9 15 pages
Pay What You  Want   Suggested $1.50

Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Gun Station Gamma
Adventure TME-4
62 pages
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The Flesh Weavers
Adventure TME-3
104 pages
Print $14.99 or PDF $6.99

Mutant Bestiary One
173 NEW Freaks!

The Crossroads Region Gazetteer

Adventure TME 2

Beyond Red Crater

Excavator Monthly Compendium

Pitford : Gateway To The Ruins

Adventure TME 1

The Mall of Doom


Monday Mutants Are Back!

Monday, April 11th 2022, the first of another batch of 12 Monday Mutants begin to drop! This mishmash of never before seen muties are sure to challenge even the most hardened ruin explorer. As before, these horrors of the wastelands, waterways and twisted forests of The Mutant Epoch era will be available weekly at our 'Pay What You Want' price.
We will be adding another each Monday until this next dozen are added to the collection. Once we get to a total of 24 muties, we'll add a few never before seen horrific oddities and put 'em all into a PDF and print book to craft an all-new bestiary!

See all the Monday Mutants Here

Just released June 28th: Pheedlot

Keep plenty of salt handy for these mayhem causing, giant mutant gastropods. Your barter town depends on it!

These giant mutant slugs can appear in four terrifying size categories: the globulant, which is as big as a horse and roams the wasteland in packs, the towering, long legged and cunning fast feeder, the reclusive but always hungry giant bloater, and finally, the massive, tree sprouting mega pheedlot which won’t tolerate others of its kind and can devour the inhabitants of a whole village in one afternoon.

      Of ancient design, and once controlled by the oldsters via compliance chips, these now wild predators are the scourge of any region. Hard pressed inhabitants of Epochian era towns frequently plead with passing excavation teams to either drive off or rid them of these creatures, especially as every ten years, a mega and its trailing retinue of smaller specimens arrive along their age old migratory route, and revisit devastation on the populace.

      Can your dig team contend with these human harvesters, or will they also add their bones and gear to the many indigestible remains within these post-apocalyptic titans?

     The pheedlot is our 24th Monday Mutant for The Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG, and the final freak in this free or ‘pay what you want’ lineup. We’ll be adding these, along with 6 never before seen muties into a new book that will be available in both PDF and print. This 11 page PDF includes illustrations and details on each of the mobile life stages of these horrific, multi-legged mutant monsters, plus 18 mutation options and a generous 2d20 ingested remains ‘treasure’ table.

Grab your copy at the ‘Pay What You Want’ price here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Just released June 21st: Wall Hugger

In The Mutant Epoch era, don’t forget to look up!
Wall huggers, also called wallers, are like a cross between a human sloth and a flying squirrel, but often weigh as much as a full grown man. They’re highly territorial, bad tempered omnivores, often covered in moss and mushrooms and spend much of their lives clinging to the sides of ancient buildings, cliffs, bridge girders and vast hulls of abandoned ships. In most cases, ruin explorers don’t even realize what’s hit them when these hideous sub-human creatures hit them. An impact from a falling waller can knock a person out during its first impact, but to get one of these damn things stuck to your back, raking and biting, can also shorten an excavator’s career.

Still, wall huggers are known to inhabit the same high rise for generations, and carry their half eaten or unconscious victims aloft to stuff in vast bone pits — along with whatever treasure, gear and wondrous relics they wore along with them. It is these macabre troves which many dig teams can’t resist, and which often lead them to their doom.

The Wall Hugger is our 23nd Monday Mutant for The Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. This 11 page PDF includes a short sample adventure ‘The Wall Hugger’s Tower’ for 6 to 8 low rank characters and includes a half page isometric map — although it’s based on a full page hand inked map you can download for free from this product’s page. Also included for this nasty, ambush predator are 8 commonly seen mutations, a 2d12 bone pile discovery table and pages of useful information on this all-new, ‘halibut human’ of the wastes.

Also, grab the free isometric map for home printing here!

Grab your copy at the ‘Pay What You Want’ price here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Just released June 14th: Wyngdeth

Short for ‘winged death’, these rock colored, feral bio-weapons are among the most dreaded newcomers to the Epochian wilderness. Their sharp claws, swiftness, and three neuro-toxin filled tail stingers and make these winged mutants more than a match for most new dig teams.

Yet, it is what they do with subdued humans which is their most terrifying feature. Evidence of their cruelty is easy enough to find, for up on their bone strewn nest mounds the booted feet of past victims stick out from the grave-like holes in the clay.

Questions arise. What awful ending did these people face? Why are they head first in the side of a cliff? What horrors linger here, and so too, what valuables?

Discover the grisly truth by downloading the Wyngdeth today.

Grab your copy at the ‘Pay What You Want’ price here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Just released June 6th: Noxo

These man eaters are as big as a bull, cunning, quick and equipped with lashing tentacles, frontal stabbing legs and whatever armament the foremost torso wields in its powerful arms. Worse, these genetically engineered battle beasts of old make separate mental or energy attacks from each of their three hideous heads, and if a hunt isn’t going its way, it will unleash a gaseous discharge of noxious, eye and throat burning tear gas — a feature which is the source of this mutant monster’s name.

The noxo is our 21st Monday Mutant for The Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. This wasteland horror is dangerous at any distance, actively hunts dig teams, caravans and entire villages, and often isn’t alone. Besides moving in small packs, many ancient specimens of these enormous, unpredictable beasts knowingly play along with cults of primitives, especially skullocks and moaners, and serve as their impatient, ever hungry and demanding god. What foul deeds will the devotees of a noxo undertake? What will the tentacled, multi-headed ruin lord do to either expand its territory or eliminate the intrusions of human excavators into its wasteland realm?

Grab your copy at the ‘Pay What You Want’ price here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Just released May 30th: Krutok

Expose your players to these mind crushing, lighting emitting monstrosities for an encounter they'll never forget!

This new freak makes alternating mental or energy attacks with its two heads, plus, is superbly defended from close quarter attacks by of dozens of pus and gas filled sacs which hang from its globular, reddish-purple body. Any hit on this thing will cause a sac to burst, unleashing one of many possible disgusting liquids, gases, or obscuring substances, including radioactive powder.

The krutok supplement includes a table to determine what random mutation one of its heads unleashes each round, plus a sac rupture table, along with a brief servant table. These mentally subservient, drooling captives are controlled by the krutok to do its bidding, endure its sick torments, carry its stuff, and sacrifice themselves when the master creature is attacked. Learn more about this horrid new mutie in the 6 page PDF.

Grab your copy of the Krutok at the ‘Pay What You Want’ price here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Just released May 23rd: Weed Demon

In an era where the plants will try to eat you, these nightmarish mutant growths take it a step further and will also absorb their still living human prey. The weed demon can appear in three terrifying forms: the young, green walker-like ‘stalker’, the multi-legged giant ‘trunker’, and finally, their ultimate tree bristling adult form as the ‘mounder’. Each age variety is equipped with the same toxin tipped stabbing limbs and ravenous need for the minerals, liquids and bones of their favored humanoid prey.

The weed demon is our 19th Monday Mutant offering for The Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. This supplement includes stats and art for three size variants of this new, highly aggressive mutant plant; the stalker, the trunker and the massive, hill-like mounder. Within these fierce, fast moving hunters are the remains of past human victims, along with their stuff. We’ve included a massive 1d100 random loot table with this new creature, which offers a wide range of junk, curiosities and treasure that’s tangled within the bone fused roots of these damn things.

Grab your copy of the Weed Demon at the ‘Pay What You Want’ price here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Just released May 17th: Shokgast

Do you dare to explore the catacomb hives of these ravenous, shocking mutants? Will your dig team rescue doomed captives and unearth the bizarre collections of junk, souvenirs, or priceless relics that these flesh eaters hoard? Find out by grabbing your copy of Monday Mutants 18, Shokgast, today!

Introducing our 18th Monday Mutant presentation for the Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. At twelve pages long, this offering is way bigger than was expected and is surely the biggest one we’ll ever do. Honest. It includes a 2d20 random collection roll table, along with four mini adventures with isometric view maps showcasing an assortment of sample shokgast crypt dens.

Grab your copy of the Shokgast at the ‘Pay What You Want’ price here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com


Just released May 9th: Skullgut

Don’t lose your head!

Of all the horrors of the post-apocalyptic, Epochian era, few mutants compare to the malevolence, unpredictability, and nightmarish doings of the dreaded skullgut.

These large, bloated things are head hunters in the truest sense, and collect the still living craniums of adventurers and use them both for their own sick pleasure and offensive mental mutations. While often encountered alone, many instead serve as a deity or prophet for man-eating barbaric humanoids, especially skullocks and moaners, and will launch raids on trade caravans, barter outposts and villages in search of new victims. These cunning, often cowardly bullies make for the perfect boss villain in any game master’s campaign. Grab your copy today.

Introducing our 17th Monday Mutant offering for the Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. At nine pages long, this addition is the second biggest we’ll ever do, and includes quick armament table, minions table, a random d20 listing of the mutations for absorbed heads, as well as a generous loot table for the sort of grisly remains found in this monster’s den. We’ve also added three adventure hooks to help GMs get started with these new, freaky butchers of the badlands.

Grab your copy at the ‘Pay What You Want’ price here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Just released May 2nd: Bog-Devil

Sunset isn’t far off.

Your team of excavators is lost in the swamp. You’re worn out, hungry and tired of the bugs, leeches and whatever the hell has been tracking you all friggin’ afternoon.

That’s when your point guard spots the ruin opening, and the bone pile that is spread before it.

It is the lair of a beast... something that clearly favors the flesh of humans.

Get ready for the Bog-Devil. This brute is our 16th Monday Mutant release for the Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. This addition is the biggest we’ll ever do, and includes an isometric map and mini adventure for about five, 2nd rank player characters called ‘The Bog-Devil’s Lair’. This creature listing has 12 pages of content and includes a 1d8 mutation table and extensive 62 entry random discoveries table for what a team, or stealthy individual, might find in the gruesome bone pile near a bog-devil’s lair. We’ve also added a full page player hand out version of both the ink art and a full page variant of the map for home printing.

Grab your copy of the Bog-Devil at the ‘Pay What You Want’ price here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Released April 25th: Arm-Gunn

"Up on that mound... are those people on those rebar shafts and wooden stakes? And... what’s that next to those skulls? An assault rifle just hanging on a pipe?"

Aptly named for their lower set of rock spitting, cannon like limbs, arm-gunns are powerfully built, exceptionally cruel and territorial humanoids. These mutants dwell in ruins, inhospitable wastelands, rugged forests and stinking swamps. Besides their ferocious nature and tendency to savour the kill, they make use of trophy poles to mark the boundaries of their turf. Clusters of these poles are set on mounds and rubble heaps for all to see, and sometimes accompanied by valuable relics and still living captives. Experienced excavators and scavengers know what this means, and approach such grisly displays with extreme caution.

This is our 15th Monday Mutant release and the 3rd in our follow-up dozen for the Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. Like the last one, this is an expanded creature listing running at 8 pages and includes a few graphite drawings along with a random 1d12 mutation table and extensive 2d20 random discoveries table for some of the things diggers might find among a collection of trophy poles.

Snag your free or 'pay what you want' copy of this PDF right here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Released April 18th: Wave Lurker

What's that in the damn water? That fin! It's coming toward us!”

Introducing the ever hungry, fast moving, reptilian wave lurker. These aquatic predators patrol the seas, lakes and swamps of the Mutant Epoch era, appear in various sizes, and like a sea lion, can drag themselves up onto the deck of a barge or shore to go after their prey. They can be encountered both in their typical form, or as mutant freaks to inflict even more mayhem and terror on hard pressed humanity.
This is our 14th Monday Mutant release and the 2nd in our follow-up dozen for the Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. It's a biggie, too with a few extra half page illustrations and a wide range of size stat blocks from the tiny, dog sized hatchlings all the way up to the barge sized colossal adult!

Download your free or 'pay what you want' copy of this PDF right here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com

Also available: Dust Fiend

April 11 2022
Here comes double trouble! The dreaded dust fiend is here, and whether it roams the wastes as a wild predator or serves it's bunker dwelling human creators as a patrol beast, it's always a brutal, close-quarters killer. This is our 13th Monday Mutant in an all-new second wave of 12 post-apocalyptic freaks for the Mutant Epoch RPG.

Download your free or 'pay what you want' copy of this PDF right here: Gumroad or Drivethrurpg.com


See all the Monday Mutants Here


Buy direct via Gumroad.com

Buy at Drivethrurpg.com

Grab your free 8 page PDF sample here.




                                    or Pay What You Want at Gumroad.com here

The Mutant Epoch RPG Quick Start Rules includes everything you need to truly test drive the Outland System Game mechanic and explore the astounding, richly supported, freak filled post-apocalyptic universe of The Mutant Epoch. Included in this book are a rich sampling of mutations, skills and cybernetic implants, along with three character types: Pure stock humans, mutants and cyborgs, plus ten creatures, ten relics and basic easy to learn rules.

Also included is a brief sampling of the town of Sandbarra from the Crossroads Region Gazetteer, along with a 42 page entry level adventure called Muddy Mayhem. Learn more here!

click image to learn more

click image to learn more

Bravo-Zulu Bundle

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Need more Short intro and convention adventures? Grab these Pay What You Want One Day Digs

   Visit the Monday Mutants page to loot them all!   Also see their own art gallery here!



Need more mutants?  Download  our PWYW OR Free Creatures of the Apocalypse PDFs now!


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