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NOTICE: The Overwatch Bundle has been retired and mutated into the Bravo-Zulu Deluxe Bundle available here



Questions? Just email me: info@outlandarts.com



The Bravo-Zulu Deluxe Mail Order Bundle
The Bravo-Zulu  Deluxe Mail Order Bundle
Bravo Zulu is NATO military jargon and means 'Well Done' 
This is it!  Everything you need to start running The Mutant Epoch Role-Playing Game! 

Get it all in one box! This set includes a stack of our books including a much coveted hardcover edition of the hub rules, 32 game sheets, bookmarks, a pencil, set of polyhedron dice, poster, 8 x 10 Crossroads region map, cut and print paper polyhedron dice set, hand made digi-camo print dice bag, and a limited edition, hand pulled, hand painted, signed, polyhedron dice lino print. In addition, you also get a PDF copy of the Hub Rules, or any other book in our line, delivered electronically as soon as we get your order so you can get started right away!


What a deal! The 9 books contained in this set retail at $227.92 alone. At $189.99 you already save $37.93 before all the other extras are added in! We only keep a limited supply of inventory at our game design studio so order your box today!


Bravo-Zulu Bundle

Purpose: Replacement to our old Overwatch Mail Order Bundle. This box has all our books with the hardcover version of Mutant Epoch Hub rules. This is the deluxe set.


The Bravo-Zulu Bundle Includes:

Hardcover of The Mutant Epoch Hub Rules, signed and sealed by the author: value $36.99

Mall of Doom, Adventure TME-1: value $16.99

Pitford Gateway to the Ruins: value $24.99

Excavator Monthly Compendium: value $26.99

Beyond Red Crater, Adventure TME-2: value $16.99

The Crossroads Region Gazetteer: value $36.99

Mutant Bestiary One: value $22.99

The Flesh Weavers, Adventure TME-3: value $14.99

Creatures of the Apocalypse Codex Color Variant: value $29.99

HB Pencil

20 character sheets

4 GM’s Campaign Reference Sheets

GM screen inserts (8 sheets*) 

9 TME bookmarks

8x10" Mini-Map of the Crossroads Region
Mutant Epoch Cover Poster 16.5 x 10.75 rolled in tube price
11x17" Toxic Industrial paper cut and fold Polyhedron Dice sheet, folded: value $10.00

Limited edition, hand pulled, hand painted, signed, polyhedron dice lino print.  value $20.00

Set of polyhedron dice  value $3.85

Handmade, Deluxe Digi Camo Dice bag, value $17.99

Free PDF of any book in our line! value TME Hub Rules $12.99**

* 8.5 x 11” sheets for attaching to a homemade GM screen or insertion into the popular Hammerdog's double-sided folding vinyl GM screen
** Sent the first business day your order arrives, allowing you to check out the rules while you wait for the delivery of your physical books.

 Most people go with the Mutant Epoch Hub Rules in PDF, but you can pick any book you want.


Get it for just $189.99US +shipping

Total Bravo-Zulu Bundle retail Value $292.74  -35% You Save $102.75

Currency converted prices and Postage rates to the following countries:

To USA add $44.00+189.99 us = total price total price $233.99 USD (parcel takes about 6 days and is insured)
To Canada add 35.00+252.30 CAD = 
total price $287.30 CAD
To UK add
£70.00+155.85 GBP  =  total price £225.85 GBP  (surface shipping takes 5-8 weeks)
To Australia add $117.55+249.26.00 AUD  =
total price $366.81 AUD (surface shipping takes 5-8 weeks)
To Europe add
€77.00+€155.85 EU  = total price €250.18 EU (surface shipping takes 5-8 weeks)
Other international orders (example: India) add $166.00 US +189.99 US  =
total price $355.99 USD (surface shipping takes 5-8 weeks)

Please use the total price as shown above for your country or region you are shipping to. 
Purchases of the Bravo-Zulu Bundle can be made using paypal  use account: info@outlandarts.com 



Detail Photos of some of the content in the Bravo-Zulu Mail Order Bundle....






Detail shot of the Handmade, custom camo dice bag included in the Bravo-Zulu Bundle.  This Lined, heavy duty dice bag easily fits three sets of polyhedron dice. We plan to have these for sale at our local game stores and when we attend conventions and sell for $17.99    Thanks Sherry!





A close up of the polyhedron dice included within the Overwatch Mail Order Bundle


A screen shot of the 8.5 x 11" sheet that shows the crossroads region.  A very handy thing at the table, and small enough to tuck into your copy of the gazetteer and bring to the next game night. If you want huge 18x24" versions to get printed at your local copy centre, SOE members can get one here.

Here is a snapshot of the author's own home made GM screen. Each of the sheets are simply glued to a cardboard box which has been cut down to the appropriate size and painted flat black. 

   Of course, he has a Hammerdog GM screen which folds up better for travel, but sometimes the glare on the plastic sleeves make those hard to read, and so McAusland prefers a homemade version. All GM screen inserts are available for free to Society of Excavator Members under downloads here. 










Polyhedron Dice Circle
by William McAusland

Hand pulled, hand painted print on acid free archival stock,  8 x 10" image area with trim for easy framing. Retail Price $20.00


Limited edition of 500 worldwide


Signed and numbered by the artist































A screen shot of the 11x17" Toxic Industrial Print, Cut, Fold and Glue Polyhedron Dice. Comes folded and on heavy stock. Makes a great dice mobile to hang in your bunker.













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Other Bundle Options


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PDF Bundle of Mayhem


Oscar-Mike Bundle

Get it for just $155.00US +shipping

Total Bundle retail Value $221.90  -30% You Save $66.90


Added October 16th 2016

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