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The Outland Arts mission statement

We at Outland Arts love what we do and have been role-playing gamers for decades, and among these, several are professional or emerging artists, writers, and graphic designers, with each and every partner being very interested in both Fantasy and post-apocalyptic or near future settings. The core members, and their own spouses and friends, have been playing The Mutant Epoch for over a decade, using various incarnations of the game mechanic.

            Our mission was to make this setting and rules system into a well edited, lavishly illustrated, extensively supported and heavily play tested role-playing game, and to expand from the game into comics, art books, posters and prints as well as full length fiction. Almost without fail, we are all fans of futuristic books and movies, such as The Terminator, Blade runner, Aliens, Predator, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon Five, or computer games such as Halo, Call of Duty, Fall Out, Mech Warrior, Doom and others, as well as comics and graphic novels, especially those in the illustrated adult graphic stories found in Heavy Metal Magazine. Many of us, such as myself, are equally keen on historic and fantasy material, specifically movies like The Lord of the Rings, Willow, Troy, Conan, King Arthur, and the Kingdom of Heaven to mention only a few, and have all been fans of the Conan comics, and been players and GMs for dozens of other role-playing game systems.

            Why did we decide to produce a post apocalyptic game instead of a fantasy or science fiction game? Actually, we do have a fantasy setting and Hub Rules book on the backburner which our core group played for many years, but in our early meetings decided against trying to compete with the massively popular Dungeons & Dragons TM, nor did we feel comfortable with the d20 rules and the licensing issues. I suppose one aspect of our mission is to get a fan base for The Mutant Epoch prior to launching our fantasy RPG, which uses the same Outland System TM gaming mechanic so that characters can cross between worlds through either mutations, spells, time machines, worm holes or other doorways between settings.

For the meantime, we simply want to make the best products possible and earn the support of a loyal, well rewarded, fan base.

Best regards and happy adventuring,

Will McAusland
Creative Director






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