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Post Apocalyptic Films to Watch

The Postman



The Book Of Eli

The Road

Mad Max

Mad Max Fury Road

The Road Warrior

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Maze Runner (1 and especially 2)

Terminator Salvation
City OF Ember (2008, highly recommended and okay for older kids)

Jericho (TV series)
The Walking Dead (TV zombie Series)

Land Of The Dead (2005)

 A Boy and His Dog
Tank Girl

I Am Legend

Reign of Fire


Escape From New York (1981)

Logan's Run (1976)

28 Days later (2002)

28 Weeks Later ( 2007)

Zombieland (2009)

9 (2009)

Steel Dawn ( Patrick Swayze, 1987)

Ever Since The World Ended (2001)

The Ultimate Warrior Yul Brynner 1975

The Omega man (Charlton Heston, 1971)

Resident Evil series

Cyborg (Jean-Claude Van Damme 1989)

Depressing Post Apocalyptic and Nuclear Holocaust films

Threads (1984) Youtube link)

Testament (1983)

The Day After Tomorrow

On the Beach (Australian drama, 2000 made for TV)


 NOT Post Apocalyptic but Excellent inspirational flicks

Children OF Men (2006)

Twelve Monkeys (195)


Outland (Sean Connery SF)




Deep Star Six

Blade Runner

Judge Dredd

Doom (With the Rock)
Terminator (PRE-judgment Day films)
Reign of Fire

Pitchblack (VIn Diesel)

Independence Day (1996)

War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise)


Other film and video of interest

Ultimate Female Robots : Sexy & Lifelike Robots http://www.female-robots.com/category/short-film/






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