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About Outland Arts 

  The following review from April 25th 2022 really covers much of what we're up to right now. Enjoy, WM
I was interviewed by Geek Native!

An interview has just been released about Outland Arts and The Mutant Epoch. Thanks Andrew for the great questions!



 While some of this is covered on the Outland arts, 'about us' page, the focus of this section is to highlight the company from
The Mutant Epoch  perspective.

In short, Outland Arts was established to serve its owner and allies to a foster the creation, development, publication and distribution of creative products. While this area of the site is wholly focused on our primary license, The Mutant Epoch, the company itself is also produces fantasy stock imagery through its Fantasy Clip Inks line, designs a wide range of products featuring art and graphics from its core designers and artists and sold through our fledgling zazzle.com/outlandarts* storefront, and produces role-playing game materials for The Mutant Epoch. We are also working on a as yet to be announced Fantasy RPG and a more near future, survivalist RPG, all using the Outland System game mechanic.


Other projects in the works are the publication of children's books, fine art books, digital content, fine art prints, limited edition prints posters and much more. Outland Arts utilizes freelance talent from around the world, as well as a core of designers, artists and editors in British Columbia, Canada. A list of many of those who have directly contributed to our projects can be found here on our The Outland Arts Team page.

While many of those involved are based in British Columbia, we have active volunteers, supporters and freelancers from the United States and India and welcome contact and involvement form new, talented people. If you are interested in Outland Arts, The Mutant Epoch, or related creative projects, or are a freelance writer or illustrator, please check out our work with us page.

Will McAusland
Creative Director




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