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The Mutant Epoch Fan Sites

Currently we are aware of an Italian Fan Site at: http://www.albamutante.blogspot.com

Want to make your own fan site for The Mutant Epoch?

If you're interested in creating your own The Mutant Epoch Fan Site, Outland Arts is not only okay with that, but will also supply Society of Excavator members with some art and graphics to enhance your web creation. If you're not a SOE member but want to spread the word about the Mutant Epoch anyway, you can download a banner from our banners page and link it to  www.mutantepoch.com.

Let us know when your site is loaded so our webmaster can link it to this page.

What can one put on a fan site? Fan created art, stories, maps, TME home made, non-commercial adventures, house rules, gaming adventure journals, favorite characters, as well as new relics, robots and beasts plus, links to post-apocalyptic, survivalist or dark future related sites.







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