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Coming Soon to The Mutant Epoch Collection

  Just Released! Oct 25th 2022

   Learn More Here


   Another dozen Monday Mutants have started to drop Check them out on their dedicated, permanent webpage here.


More Monday Mutants
are coming!

Monday, April 11th 2022, the first of another batch of 12 Monday Mutants begin to drop! This mishmash of never before seen muties are sure to challenge even the most hardened ruin explorer. As before, these horrors of the wastelands, waterways and twisted forests of The Mutant Epoch era will be available weekly at our 'Pay What You Want' price.






Dec 7th 2021

Dog Daze Adventure TME-5 Released

After losing our main computer a during release phase, and the slow rebuild of systems, fonts, passwords, software, and under the hood tinkering, we finally got this one out! Now, other than a few little PDF releases to support the Epochian fan base, we are putting all efforts on the home stretch of the TME Expansion Rules book. Cover reveals coming soon.



October 22nd 2021

Dog Daze Adventure TME-5 To be Released in November 2021

Dog Daze Art, cover, editing, layout completed and undergoing last stages of proofing and play test. We are aiming for an early November 2021 release of this 240 page solo play adventure.

Dog Daze Final Playtest

Recent pics from the final pre-publication authorís playtest of Adventure TME-5 Dog Daze. Due for release in early November. Wish these 1st rank characters good luck, as the attrition rate on this adventure is about 70%.

Start generating your own excavators ó but donít get too attached to Ďem!

Also see the permanent product page for Dog Daze, here.


June 3rd 2021




Dog Daze

Update on Dog Daze Adventure TME-5

We are in the final layout and art for Dog Daze, Adventure TME-5, a massive 200+ page solo adventure for 1 hardy PC. This was supposed to be a 50 or so page long, 'quarantine special' game for all of you in-person gamers who couldn't get to together, but it ballooned into an extensive multi-path behemoth.

It's gonna be great, but challenging, so start rolling up some first rank characters..

 Release date to be announced.


PS. Still working on the Expansion rules. Cover art reveal shortly.




July 13th 2020 COMING SOON!

Dog Daze
by William McAusland


Adventure TME-5, a rapid fire solo-play adventure* for 1 1st to 3rd rank character.

*Also customizable to a standard multi-path group adventure


We've set up the permanent web page for this new product right here.


See this unmasking video at your favorite Social Media site:

 Instagram  |  MeWe | Facebook | Twitter

Removing the mask on the cover art for Dog Daze, a solo-play adventure for The Mutant Epoch RPG. I havenít used the old airbrush in a long, long time and this was stressful! As far as paintings go, I feel ready to tackle the Expansion Rules Cover again.


June 26th 2020 Just released

Wizard of the Wastes
by Rey Rodriguez

A diabolical wasteland wizard

A village enslaved

An island fortress and its steel clad protectors

Tuvor, a dusty tribesman, interrupts your dig team's drinking to plead for help. To the north, his people suffer under the heel of an evil wizard who has enslaved them and murdered his wife. He seeks a band of adventure-hungry excavators to rid his land of the wizard's blight. Your party has plundered the depths of the long-dead cities for lost tech and defeated mutant horrors of the new era, but have you been heroes before? Perhaps this adventure will answer that question. 

This is our 9th One Day Dig, written by Rey Rodriguez, and is a Pay What You Want adventure suitable for both new and experienced players using characters of 1st or 2nd rank and can occur in the Crossroads Region http://www.outlandarts.com/crossroads-region.htm or the Game Master's own setting. It includes 3 maps, 11 illustrations, and is 15 pages. Look for upcoming post-apocalyptic adventures and supplements from Outland Arts.



Price: You decide! Pay What You Want

Donate directly at gumroad.com* or get it at drivethrurpg.com
*Where we earn 95% commission and you get the same download!



June 15th 2020


Wizards of the Wastes and Dog Daze on their way!

Here we see the old artograph projecting the sketches on illustration board on for two hand painted adventure covers. One is for Wizards of the Wastes, and the other for Dog Daze.


Wizard of the Wastes is by Rey Rodriquez and is a one day dig.


 I just finished the pencil art for the interior inks today and hope to start the cover painting tomorrow.






Dog Daze is by yours truly, William McAusland, and a revamp of an old solo play adventure I crafted a decade ago when doing the early playtests for the Outland System . Its gonna be a very affordable single character, single player adventure, and designed for solo play. I'm just on the last scene encounters write ups for this one.

     Why solo play?

I had this idea that a solo play adventure would be great these days of the pandemic, when you might not be able to get together with your usual gaming group, or like many of you are new to the Mutant Epoch RPG and want to take it for a spin. One GM could also run this for a single player, likewise, with some tweaking to the encounter strength, a game master could easily convert this to a regular multiplayer adventure.







The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules are still in the works. With my retinal Detachment, I have been set back greatly, and find that I am unable to work in oils on the cover and have also projected the image again and will attempt the cover using acrylics like the above two images.


 I have been unable to see my eye doctor because of the whole Coivid-19 thing, but do have an appointment lined up and am hoping to either get glasses or a new contact lens system that will allow me to spend more time illustrating without the eye strain and difficulties that have hampered production so profoundly.


A thousand apologies for the delay,



June 10th and 17th 2019

Two more Monday Mutants Released!

The Beaked-Slasho and the Skayl are now available for download! 


June 3rd 2019


Monday Mutants #1 Released!

The Junko is here!


Check out the Monday Mutants page and get a sneak peak at the other 10 freaky miscreations lurching, flapping and slithering your way!


A new weirdo every flippin' Monday!

We've also set up an art gallery for these nasty wasteland critters here.






May 16th 2019

Wizards of the Wastes by Rey Rodriquez just announced as our 9th One Day Dig in progress.


 In other news, work continues rapidly on the TME Expansion Rules and we've just expanded our art gallery here.


Stay tuned for outher goodies soon by making sure you're signed up to the mailing list here.











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