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Quick Overview
The Mutant Epoch™
Adventure role playing game

Short on time? Just want a brief glimpse of what The Mutant Epoch is about? The following collection of text and images have been assembled to give you an idea of what TME is all about.




Both a game and a dark futuristic setting




Uses the Outland Game Mechanic employing the full set of polyhedron gaming dice but relies on d100 for trait determination, combat and many tables and situations




Designed for fast paced action


Easy to learn and teach to new players


Optional rules can be added as gamers get more familiar with rules.



More like a Traditional tabletop RPG than a 'story game', however play styles are up to the GM and player tastes.


Referee is called a Game Master


Point buy or random character generation


8 traits Endurance, Strength. Agility, Accuracy, Intelligence, Willpower, Perception, Appearance


Character advancement by increasing in ‘rank’, which can allow for trait increases, skill points, increased prowess in combat, and other benefits.



The Mutant Epoch RPG Hub Rules is the only book you’ll need get playing and Includes:

•  8 character types

•  30 castes

•  36 skills

•  Over a 111 mutations

•  68 cybernetic implants

•  104 creatures

•  9 robots and 10 android types

•  9 relic vehicles

•  44 weapon relics

•  14 armor relics

•  70+ miscellaneous relics

•  Complete encounter tables, hazards, traps, insanity, typical humans, rules for called shots, and dozens of helpful tables, character sheet, grid and hex paper, and much more!
•  Page count: 246 pages
•  Page size: 8.5 x 11”
•  Available formats:
                •  Perfect Bound book through retailers and direct mail bundles from the publisher
•  Online stores  Indie Press Revolution,  Noble Knight Games, Amazon.com and Lulu.com
•  PDF download via RPGnow, and Drivethrurpg.com

                 •  Hardcovers also available at RPGnow.com




Check out our current collection




Novel  series in the works.


There is be a massive online treasure trove of TME gaming material ready for review and download for Society of Excavators (SOE) members on www.mutantepoch.com


SOE members are those registered buyers of The Mutant Epoch hub Rules book, with membership being free.


Probably the most extensively illustrated game core rules book ever produced


 Our goal is to make The Mutant Epoch the premier post apocalyptic role-playing game in the world.



Keep informed about the release and join the mailing list here.







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