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This news archive consists of all the front page text and imagery for The Mutant Epoch RPG, supplements, reviews, links,  and related media.





December 9th 2013
The Crossroads Region Gazetteer released today!





April 23 2013




The all  new The Mutant Epoch forum is here!


We've gone public!


New to The Mutant Epoch? Well, previously, only Society of Excavator members could get into our forums as they were a member's only deal. That's all changed. All the old forum posts have been copy-pasted over to an all new forum, reorganized, enhanced and open to all.


Of course, there is a password protected SOE only board where, as an incentive to get SOE members to enlist, we've made a forum only, free beast ready for you to download!



Members can get the Muto-Harpy PDF exclusively at the new forum's Society of Excavators Members Only Area.


The password to the private area of the forum is easy to remember. Its the same as what you used to sign in to the members area at this website!


Not a member yet? Bought a copy of the Mutant Epoch hub rules? 

Then learn more about The Society of Excavator's here.

July 2012

Excavator Monthly Compendium Released

Now you can get all six copies of Excavator Monthly Magazine in one book! Each article, relic, mutant beast, non-player character and other feature has been placed into categories within this hefty tome. Never forget a copy again. Both game masters and players of The Mutant Epoch role playing game can carry all the magazines in one handy book and quickly flip to any resource with ease.

Excavator Monthly Compendium includes:

●  27 Nasty Mutant Creatures ●  13 Potent Relics ●  6 Alternate Character Generation Methods  ●  2 New Skills: Acrobatics and Archery  ●  12 Non-Player Character Friends and Foes  ●  162 Illustrations ●  9 Assorted Articles ●  Short Story: Demon in the Depths ●  10 Game Master Only Articles ●  8 Players Perspective Articles ●  4 Treasure Tables  ●  And much more!

Buy Print Version $26.99 at Amazon.com
Buy PDF $11.99
View Demo   |   Art gallery

July 11 2012

The news for June was the release of Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins book. You can learn more about this release on the product's own page or see the art gallery here

April 2012

We've updated the front end of the site and streamlined and organized the products page, added art for the upcoming Pitford Gateway to the Ruins book, and much more.

 We've released all six issues of Excavator Monthly magazine and announced that for the time being we won't be doing a monthly publication but instead aiming at a larger quarterly periodical called Excavator Quarterly.




The place to really get the news on The Mutant Epoch is our blog, although our twitter feed is also excellent for updates. This page should really be more of an archive of home page content.

 Presently we are on the eve of releasing our third large book, Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins. This 188 page community setting book is going to be at least 188 pages and contain around 11 illustrations and over a dozen  maps. We are aiming for a mid May 2012 release of this book in both PDF and hard copy. Curious? You can learn more here.


Winter 2011-2012

You can now get posters of The Mutant Epoch cover art in various sizes through our online merchandise store:

The Devi Bear's Den
Cover art for issue 6 of Excavator Monthly Magazine
11x17" Poster  $15.30

Portfolio 10 x 16" $ 11.20
Small 14 x 22" $15.70
large 22 x 34" $22.45
Huge 33 x 52" $39.35


Devil Spider Attack
Cover art for issue 3 of Excavator Monthly Magazine
11x14" Poster  $12.95


April 14th 2011


March 18th 2010

Only Days




Stay informed on The Mutant Epoch release by joining our newsletter mailing list.

For those of you who don't get over to the Mutant Epoch  blog,  here is a copy of the latest post. The release date has been bumped forward to sometime in December...

Click here to visit The Mutant Epoch blog


The Mutant Epoch available in March!

The third round of proofs are on their way to the Studio, the content rich official web site all but done, the free content PDFs loaded and the forum's being tweaked. This is it. The TME Hub rules book will be available at Createspace, Amazon.com, Drive Thru RPG, RPGnow as print books, as well as PDF versions through your games now, and the previously mentioned outlets. We will also order a limited quantity for the two game stores here in Kamloops, as well as several to be mailed to reviewers and several international customers who want signed copies direct from us. We will be posting much more frequently once the launch has happened.


The Mutant Epoch Hub Rules book is done.


We are edging very close to a firm, fixed release date, and are just finishing off the last of the free online content, dealing with our web design guys, setting up the password protected Society of Excavators members area and forum... and getting together some art for the many PDFs that users can download for free.

Excited is no word for it.

A final proof copy was sent from Lulu.com last week. Just need to give it a quick look through and assure ourselves that he quality is good ad then as soon as the new site is up and working, we will releases within days. It is looking like the last week of January 2011 is the releases date.

The above image shows a mock up of the free adventure called The Crevice, or at least the earliest online version of it as we plan to update it with more art once we have a free week.

We have been working so hard that we haven't devoted much time to advertising, twitter, blogs, art previews and such. while all these pre-launch promotions are great and highly recommended by marketing people, I'd rather be promoting once I have a product to offer. There will be enough chance to arrange pre-launch hype for other books, as we have several well along in the works including The Mall of Horrors and Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins.

Of course, there is the monthly magazine. We don't have a set date for when the first of those come out, and would like to get the first three issues loaded and ready for the market before we release the first issue of Excavator Monthly. The covers, articles and much of the art is done for the magazine already, we just need to assemble them and give them each a final edit.

Thanks to all of you who have been so patient,
Happy New Years!
Creative Director
Outland Arts

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Last Edits being inserted and TME website near completion

Hi Anonymous, and you others who are waiting so patiently!

The final edits got turned in and we have about 60 more pages to go through and then it is good to go. I'll order a test print copy via lulu.com to make sure the conversion looks fine, and then make it available as both print on demand and PDF versions at once. We'll get a shipment of hard copies sent to the office and deliver these to the local game shops and book stores, and commence the mail order for those in Europe and elsewhere who have been waiting for their copy.

The only issue now, besides inserting the final edits is working with our server host to get the Society of Excavators password protected area of web site up, and the phpBB forum inside the members area fully operational. All is going according to plan but not to schedule. Getting the game on the market before Christmas seems to be a objective that is slipping away by the hour, and the Christmas party lat night and my subsequent hang over today didn't accelerate my productivity. Still, every hour I work, and press my hirelings and talented henchmen to work, brings the release an hour closer.

Speaking of henchmen, I have a lot of talented people helping me with this project, and The Mutant Epoch could not have gotten to this stage without tons of feedback, play tester advice, family support and sacrifice. There have also been a lot of people online, including some of my illustration client-rpg publishers, who have been very gracious with advice, resource sharing and camaraderie. I'll be thanking them properly in the book credits and on the website.

To close off before I settle down to several hours of edit insertions, thanks to all of you who have signed up to the Outland Arts Insider newsletter and TME inform mailing list, this blog and wrote me email asking about the game. Although Outland Arts hasn't started marketing this Post Apocalyptic game, other than a few cryptic tweets, some banners here and there and a teaser ad on roleplayingtips.com, we are still getting a lot of attention and it is a huge motivator toward getting this done as soon as possible, without sacrificing artwork, rules clarity, game balance, grammar, spelling or other RPG book publishing challenges.

Thanks and Merry Christmas,
William McAusland
Creative Director,
Outland Arts.com


November 22 2010

Sheer force of Will:: New release date for The Mutant Epoch RPG

Sheer force of will can fuel a person to work insane hours, draw upon reserves of enthusiasm, optimism and creativity, summon self discipline beyond anything he or she has known before, and get one very, very close to realizing goals which fall short by only a matter of weeks or months. I’m talking about getting The Mutant Epoch released, of course. It has been a challenge like no other in my creative life, and has been one of those things that sheer force of will has propelled along for over seven years now.

The last edits are being interwoven into the Hub Rules book day and night. The coffee flows and I sit alone here night after night getting ever closer to a final, polished, game of extreme post-apocalyptic mayhem and adventure. In fact, I am taking a break from the last edits to update some of the Outland Arts social media venues ahead of next week’s advertising campaign. We have an ad going out in the upcoming issue of roleplayingtips.com so anticipate some traffic from that.


The anticipated release date back in late September 2010 was to have the game out late October, and as that month came and went in a blur of activity, art, gaming, and writing of the free material for the web site, we now find ourselves in mid November. We’ve decided to provide news on the impending release and showcase artwork here on The Mutant Epoch blog to show a little more of what you can expect in the book right up to the release date.

Currently, we are being more conservative in our launch date, taking into account the few challenges still ahead and feeling lousy about failing to have it on the market already. We are now confident that the book will be available sometime in December and before Christmas and available in PDF and print on demand through lulu.com, RPGnow.com, yourgamesnow.com and onebookshelf.com, to name just a few sales venues


Thanks to all of you for the help with getting the word out and the encouragement. Knowing people are out there eagerly anticipating The Mutant Epoch’s release, not to mention the pre-sales I’ve heard about from the local game stores and individuals, has been extra fuel and motivation to see this game done, and done right.


In the meantime, here is the new release notification ad. Look for artwork here on the blog over the next weeks as we head down the home stretch.

Best regards,
Will McAusland
Creative Director
Outland arts.com


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Sept 28 2010

BigCon was a huge success, even though we only had demo copies of The Mutant Epoch tabletop RPG. We've posted to the TME blog with more news and images on the Kamloops based game convention.

 we had a lot of people wanting to buy copies of the book and told them that mid to late October, this year, next month, we would have copies available for purchase in the local game shops , online and mail order direct from our headquarters.

The Mutant Epoch hub rules book will come in at 248 pages, and at a retail price point of about $30.00 us and cdn. Editing, completion of the full page digital grayscale paintings inside , a few art changes and the index still need to be done, after which we will order a decent sized box fro local distribution and mail order, and load the POD And PDF versions to our online retailers.

If you want to keep up with the latest news on this project, sign up on our mailing list.

Creative Director Outland Arts




June 21 2010

Most of the activity for the online Outland Arts presence has been happening on our twitter feed and blog. We have been extra busy these past few months getting ready for the impending release of The Mutant Epoch tabletop RPG. Everything else we have put on hold as we are desperately trying to get the Hub Rules book to BigCon 2010 in Kamloops, British Colombia September 25th and 26th at the Kamloops Convention Centre. Here is the banner for BigCon which you can feel free to copy paste and link to the convention website at http://bigcon.shawwebspace.ca/



            We have been adding a whole new character race to the Mutant Epoch hub rules, on recommendations from a fellow called Brutorz Bill. Mutant Animals, called Bestial Humans in TME, were slated for the expansion book along with a heap of other new character types, but after much consideration decided to add them to the Hub Rules book.

As explained in our blog, this additional race, along with six new skills, has delayed the release by two months at least but should be worthwhile and I am very excited to see some of these half-animal characters in test play.

            In other news, the cover for the Mutant Epoch is all but done, as is the cover for our first multi-path adventure called ‘Mall of Doom’ (formerly the Village of Walsave or Mall of Horrors). We will be posting all TME news and updates on The Mutant Epoch main page as well as the blog and our twitter feed.

 If you are interested in keeping tabs on the game’s progress, why not click on the sign up for the mailing list graphic above, following us on twitter, or following the blog? Also, feel free to write us with any questions at info@outlandarts.com

Will McAusland
Creative Director

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