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We got a couple of great youtube.com reviews from tetsubo57:
   The Mutant Epoch Gaming Book Review
   RPG Pondering Mutant Epoch Character Generation

    Excavator Monthly Gaming Magazine Review






















Join us on the

The Mutant Epoch forum


















New to The Mutant Epoch? Well, previously, only Society of Excavator members could get into our forums as they were a member's only deal. That's all changed. All the old forum posts have been copy-pasted over to an all new forum, reorganized, enhanced and open to all.


Of course, there is a password protected SOE only board where, as an incentive to get SOE members to enlist, we've made a forum only, free beast ready for you to download!


Members can get the Muto-Harpy PDF exclusively at the new forum's Society of Excavators Members Only Area.



The password to the private area of the forum is easy to remember. Its the same as what you used to sign in to the members area at this website!


Not a member yet? Bought a copy of the Mutant Epoch hub rules? 

Then learn more about The Society of Excavator's here.



Get it for just $79.99+shipping
Total Bundle Value $137.51  You Save $57.

Need more mutants?  Download  our Free Creatures of the Wasteland PDFs now!





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