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As an incentive to get SOE members to enlist, we've made a password protected board where members can get Danny Seedhouse's Muto-Harpy PDF exclusively at the new forum's Society of Excavators Members Only Area.

The password to the private area of the forum is easy to remember. Its the same as what you use to sign in to the members area at this website!

     Not an SOE member yet? Bought a print or PDF copy of the Mutant Epoch hub rules?  Its Free for you!

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Lilac Towers One Day Dig

Coming Late July 2015


Expansion Rules

In Development


Tetsubo57 Gaming Book Review: Mutant Bestiary One


SavageGM reviews The Mutant Epoch Hub Rules


Tetsubo57 reviews The Crossroads Region Gazetteer

 The Mutant Epoch Gaming Book Review
   RPG Pondering Mutant Epoch Character Generation


Visit our reviews page here






Just arrived!
Three New Mail-Order Bundles

PDF Bundle of Mayhem
All 7 books for just $67 bucks

The Flesh Weavers
Adventure TME-3
104 pages
Print $14.99 or PDF $6.99

One Day Dig 5: Lilac Towers


Chest Head

Mutant Bestiary One
173 NEW Freaks!

One Day Digs 3 & 4

The Crossroads Region Gazetteer

Adventure TME 2

Beyond Red Crater


Excavator Monthly Compendium



Pitford : Gateway To The Ruins


Adventure TME 1

The Mall of Doom



Dirty Rotten Rats!
Weary and thirsty, your dig team arrives in the tiny village of Rust Haven just in time to save the day! Beasts have attacked the village and while the militia chases them off, Black Scavenger, an ambitious bipedal rat mercenary, has escaped from the jail. He and with his thugs fled into the ruins beneath the community! With Rust Haven’s best fighters out in the wastes, the people of the settlement need you to go into the ancient depths and bring the villain, Black Scavenger, to justice, dead or alive.

            What horrors, curiosities and artifacts your team will find below the earth are unknown, but this is what you live for. You are excavators and post-apocalyptic heroes.

Hunt in the Dark is our 6th One Day Dig for The Mutant Epoch RPG and was written by Giulio Iannarella. Why not show your support to this new RPG author by throwing a few coins in the tip jar?  In this 15 page Pay What You Want product is 1 full page player handout and 1 map, 25 illustrations, a mutant sub-species and two new relics.  

Price: You decide! Pay What You Want

Donate directly at gumroad.com or get it at either rpgnow.com or drivethrurpg.com




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Overwatch Bundle

Get it for just $155.00US +shipping

Total Bundle retail Value $242.75  -35% You Save $87.75


Backup Bundle

Get it for just $55.00US +shipping

Total Bundle retail Value $79.30  -30% You Save $38.40



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Lean and Mean Bundle

Get it for just $122.00US +shipping

Total Bundle retail Value $175.06  -30% You Save $53.06

PDF Bundle of Mayhem

Total value: $ 78.93 PDF Bundle price: $67.00US
Savings of: $11.93
(15% off)

Wasteland Treasures : 1

Your Excavators fight hard in the wastelands, ruins and emerging barter villages, why not let ‘em see some reward? Here then, in Wasteland Treasures One, you’ll find plenty to keep them challenged, well paid and keen for the next expedition. 

Included are three d100 Loot tables: a General Ruin Treasure Table, an Old Warzone listing and trophies and curiosities carried by humanoids such as Skullocks, Warmorts, and Moaners. 

For use with The Mutant Epoch or other post-apocalyptic RPG, this 19 page PDF is perfect for the busy game master who needs to quickly access location appropriate items. The Old Warzone table, however, is far more than a list of goodies and rewards for player characters. It’s got both dangers and adventure hooks built in, including landmines, rogue robots and the ever hazardous chem storm.

Pay What You Want

19 pages 


One Day Digs 1 & 2


Step into a world of post-apocalyptic gonzo adventure!  Introducing the One Day Digs Double Feature. Starting off with a bang, our first quest is Blood for Bellridge, followed up after a short intermission by Feast of Freaks!

Designed for introductory games at conventions, game stores, and private home tables, One Day Digs are the brain child of author Brandon Goeringer and illustrated by Will McAusland. They are crafted to showcase a bit of The Mutant Epoch setting and flavor, introduce some creatures and relics, as well as offer an example of how the Outland System game mechanic works. For the most part, these adventures are for 4 to 6 new PCs of first rank.

Pay What You Want

9 pages        Written by Brandon Goeringer

Need more mutants?  Download  our Free Creatures of the Apocalypse PDFs now!


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