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About Monday Mutants
Monday Mutants provide game masters with an all-new deviated freak for your next post-apocalyptic Mutant Epoch game session.

As of August 2019 we postponed the production and release of MM9 to MM12 pending the release of the Expansion Rules. The  new rules book is our primary focus and the Monday Mutants were eating more than their share of our time and efforts. We will return to releasing these freaks and other TME content following the release of the Expansion Rules.

       While crafted for The Mutant Epoch RPG, which is armed with the Outland System, GMs can easily modify these wasteland monstrosities to accommodate other game systems.
     Priced to move at the always affordable Pay What You Want, these critters are sure to add an element of the unexpected to your next ruin crawl. This first batch is written and illustrated by the creator of the Mutant Epoch, William McAusland. Each includes a full page version of the ink artwork for use as a player hand out which at our table we simply use within the PDF and hold up the iPad to show the player what their characters see.

     For those of you who like a print book at your table, we aim to compile these weird things into a book once we have plenty of them posted here.



Monday Mutants: 8

Released: August 11th 2019

Rubble-Imps are roughly four feet tall, grayish humanoids with leathery twelve-foot wingspans and a well-deserved reputation for causing considerable mayhem, misery, and discord. When either working alone, in flocks, or as the scouts, spies, and thieves of villainous masters, these nasty things are sure to cause your player characters big trouble, if not a fatal end.

This is our 8th Monday Mutant of an initial 12 creature assortment. Included in this 7 page PDF are tables for potential allies, mutations, precious items, along with a collection of adventure hooks that center around the mayhem rubble-imps can cause to a post-apocalyptic village and how the characters are coaxed to intervene.

Grab your copy of this troublesome mutie for the always affordable 'Pay What You Want' price.

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Monday Mutants: 7

Released: July 29th 2019

Are your diggers ready to face the dreaded Sap-Crawler?

Serving the role of a post-apocalyptic demon or mutie boss encounter, these hideous miscreations often control gangs of mooks. Yet, with their venomous bite, nasty claws, lightning bolt throwing heads and tail slaps, these vile things need little help dealing with impudent diggers.

This is our 7th Monday Mutant of a planned 12 creature collection and comes in at 8 pages of post-apocalyptic goodness. Included are a random list of potential mook servants, random venomous bite results table, a listing for various sap sprays from ruptured nodules, as well as a d30 loot table. Grab your copy of this all-new freak for the always affordable Pay What You Want price.

Loot it here at Gumroad

*We get 95% of whatever you donate
or Drivethrurpg.com

See the inks at
the Monday Mutants Art Gallery





Monday Mutants: 6

Grumpy Stomp
Released: July 8th 2019

The Grumpy Stomp is an omnivorous elephant-sized mutant featuring the DNA of horse, hogs, and humans. They wander the steppes and remote flatlands of the post-apocalyptic world in search of plants, carrion and at times when their normal food is in short supply other creatures, including people.
Domesticated specimens have been raised and trained, with both riding specimens available for purchase but also battle mounts which don't break and run at the first sound of a gunshot.
     As a trained mount, these behemoths can carry a 'back-shack' which can shelter up to six adventurers for their journey into the wastelands and ruins of The Mutant Epoch world.

This six-page PDF includes stats on infants, younglings, adults and the rare, wild alphas, as well as a price list for those dig teams who want to purchase a Grumpy Stomp as a mount. Also included are a mutation list and plenty of art.

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Drivethrurpg.com https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/282046/Monday-Mutants-6-Grumpy-Stomp

See the inks at
the Monday Mutants Art Gallery



Monday Mutants: 5

Released: July 1st 2019

Will they barter or will they swarm you? Either way, always watch your back when dealing with the Piffer!

Inhabiting vast, ant-hill like tunnel networks in either the ruins, mutated forests, badlands and tangled swamps, the two-foot tall race of piffers are unpredictable little omnivores. Sometimes they'll trade remarkable, oversized relics to passing dig teams in return for honey, baked goods, jam or booze, and at other times, be hostile and predatory.
This new race of scale-covered, grayish colored mutant humanoids are like the gnomes or kobolds of a post-apocalyptic world and can add either a bit of humor to a game or add horror, depending on the nature of the particular tribe.

This 7 page PDF includes weapon tables, random mutations, the loot contents of their pouches, guard beasts as well as stats for the half-human specimens called Piffohumes.

Like all Monday Mutants, they are easy enough to convert to another game system, although best served in the original, fast-paced Outland System, for The Mutant Epoch RPG. They're also affordable as heck at the 'Pay What You Want' price.

If you like what you see here, please leave a review, and if you don't, email me and let me know how we can improve these. (Info at outlandarts dot com)  WM


snag your copy here:

Where we receive 95% of any tips

Drivethrurpg.com https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/281626/Monday-Mutants-5-Piffer

See the inks at
the Monday Mutants Art Gallery




Monday Mutants: 4

Released: June 28th 2019


Solitary, territorial, vengeful and cruel, any village with one of these meter tall mutant giants around is gonna need help from outsiders - either as heroes to hunt the best down, or else to be stripped down and tied to the offering post.

    This is our 4th Monday Mutant and will be featured in a full-length adventure late in 2019 called Devil's Den.

grab your copy here:

Where we receive 95% of any tips

Drivethrurpg.com https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/281289/Monday-Mutant-4-LumpDevil

See the inks at
the Monday Mutants Art Gallery


Monday Mutants: 3

Released: June 17th 2019

Skayls are entirely carnivorous and favor the flesh of fish, rodents and human-based entities, including their mortal enemies, skullocks.

Territorial, bad-tempered, and prone to worshiping colossal beasts, mad robots or digital beings, these tough little creatures spend their time hunting, patrolling their lands, and seeking new and better weapons with which to engage larger creatures, hostile tribes, or the incursions of human excavation teams.

Loot your copy here:

Where we receive 95% of any tips

Drivethrurpg.com https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/280346/Monday-Mutant-3-Skayl

See the inks at
the Monday Mutants Art Gallery




Monday Mutants: 2

Released: June 10th 2019

Beaked-Slashos are aggressive, swift-moving pack hunters which inhabit nearly every non-aquatic terrain type. Although they have a beak and squawk and call like vultures, they are actually warm-blooded reptiles. They have night vision and can be found on the prowl any time of day. Their leathery, scale-covered hides are grayish brown in dry or ruin areas, while olive green among strains which dwell in swamps and woodlands. Most exhibit dull, yellow beaks and narrow, blood red eyes, white talons and garish, unnaturally purple tongues, although albino and almost entirely black specimens have been seen.

They use a limited form of inter-species telepathy and can communicate openly with all members of their own kind within a one-kilometer range. They use this power to alert each other to nearby threats, sources of water, carrion, or the arrival of prey animals including humans and their off-shoots

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See the inks at
the Monday Mutants Art Gallery


Monday Mutants: 1

Released: June 3 2019

The Junko is a lumbering mutie of the wastes, an eater of men, a user of bait loot, and an unpredictable, ravenous foe. Use with caution, as just one of these brutes can result in a TPK of low-rank excavators, especially if the damn thing gets into melee range with a group.

Grab it at:

Gumroad.com https://gumroad.com/l/YLrFL
Where we receive 95% of any tips

Drivethrurpg.com https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/278883/Monday-Mutant-1-Junko

See the inks at
the Monday Mutants Art Gallery




Upcoming Monday Mutants.....

#2 Beaked-Slasho
Due for release Monday June 10th 2019


#3 Skayl
Due for release Monday June 17th 2019


#4 Lump-Devil
Due for release Monday June 24th 2019

Bundle of Holding Deal ends at noon CT



#5 Piffer
Due for release Monday July 1st 2019
Canada Day!


#6 Grumpy Stomp
Due for release Monday July 8th 2019


#7 Sap-Crawler
Due for release Monday July 29th 2019



#8 Rubble-Imp
Due for release Monday August 5th 2019


#9 Spider-Sister
Coming Soon!

#10 Grumble-Strike
Coming Soon!



#11 Wriggle-Hack
Coming Soon!





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