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The Mutant Epoch Setting

While a game master could take whatever sections of the TME rules and create his or her own setting, at any time in the future, The Mutant Epoch, as published, takes place in the mid 27th Century a couple of hundred years after the collapse of the former civilizations. It is a new dark ages for humanity, where might is often right, where nature has become twisted by ancient human science and accelerated evolution, where people live in small, often remote communities, fearful of strangers and growing eccentric in their isolation. It is a time when only a few hard pressed townships have formed factions, often in response to some external threat, where communities have taken on a more or less feudal system, employing technology more reminiscent of medieval Europe, mixed with the highly prized relics left behind by the ancients. In places, digger towns have emerged on the edge of great ruined cities of the oldsters, where daily expeditions by excavators pierce the dangerous junk heaps in search of wondrous treasures, as well as answers as to how and why the civilization of the old ones ended.

Beyond the relative safely of the scattered towns, are the vast wilds and shallow seas, broad wastelands where ancient battles took place, impenetrable woodlands, stinking swamps, badlands and great dune wastes. All of these areas are littered with the remains of dead cities and installations, and rusted machines of war, often buried under meters of ash or compacted mud and rock, but at other times, protruding kilometers into the sky in vast urban ruinscapes. Everywhere, newly evolved plants and animals, which seem as hostile and merciless as the landscape, wait to devour the unwary, the slow or the weak, even as emerging clans of fierce sub-humans and man-killing machines claim their own domains, and plot annihilation of the old kind, the humans, and their off-shoots.

The creatures found in the Hub Rules and the Mutant Bestiary One book, are basically of North American descent, when based on any present day animals at all. Furthermore, the fiction and published regional settings take place in south western Untied States, with the Crossroads Region located directly over a portion of greater Las Angeles.

            The name of the game being The Mutant Epoch implies much about the setting itself, being ‘an age of the mutants’. While mutants certainly do play a huge role in the setting, a variety of other astounding beings and factors are also present, including synthetic humans, robots, cyborgs, digital beings, sub-humans, dimensional entities and portals, as well as plenty of unmutated peoples and species. In addition, there are pockets of the old culture still surviving, often in pure stock dominated fortresses or territories, including the numerous orbital colonies which survived the devastations and wars of old. These hold over complexes are often very advanced, and while their resources are few and their enemies many, they do manage to produce most of the synthetic humans and cyborgs found in the current age, as well as limited advanced weaponry and robotics. The mecha, or mechanicals, are another element which greatly affects the new reality, whose androids and robot armies, often serving a mother computer in a hive-like structure, continue their war of extermination against their former human masters.

            To sum up, the world of The Mutant Epoch would hardly be recognizable to present day people, and is a unique era in human history, an era where pure stock humans no longer hold the reigns of power; for in this new world there are now more mutant life forms than non-mutants. This is an age where new cultures rise upon the ruins of the old and hold out corporate strongholds struggle against mecha and mutant factions. It is also a time when unlikely heroes rise up and make a stand against the onslaught of barbarian marauders, blood thirsty beasts, humanoid raiders, the mecha hives and newly emerging, hostile powers. For many intelligent beings, especially mutant humans, it is the beginning of the greatest age in history, when the former dominance of the pure stocks has faded, and the opportunity to seize power and territory is within reach of the fit, the brave, and the adventurous. “No guts, no glory” shout the former slave races, as they make their forays into the ruins to claim their inheritance from careless, arrogant forefathers.



► Quick Overview  (a brief glimpse of the entire setting and game in a two minute read.)
The Outland System Game Mechanic
► Dice Usage: The Mutant Epoch:: A preview of the Outland System RPG game mechanic.
Character Generation
Rank Gain (character advancement)
► Combat: The Mutant Epoch:: A preview of the Outland System RPG game mechanic.
Objective of Game Play
The Mutant Epoch Setting



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