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What's the Mutant Epoch about?

Objective of Game Play

How does The Mutant Epoch differ from other RPGs as far as the objectives of play are concerned? If you are unfamiliar with role playing game in the first place, visit this page: Huh? Role Playing?

            In The Mutant Epoch, the goals of play, beyond the obvious ones of having fun, cooperative storytelling, entertainment and camaraderie with fellow players, is for your character to survive. Often, the meaning of survival goes beyond just seeing your character make it through the session, but rather, that his or her faction, community, family, friends, and strain of humanity survive. From all sides, there are enemies which strive to see your kind wiped out and they would do so were it not for the brave few who stand in their way. Of course, characters may be perceived as mere excavators, little more than grave robbers, salvagers and looters of the ancient places. At low rank, this is often a true appraisal of an adventure team; however, as the PCs (player characters) grow in prowess, recover better gear, make alliances and secure strongholds, they will see their role shift. As mentioned above, they will see their objectives changing from personal survival to the survival of their community or faction, their role changing from selfish survivalist to heroic champion. The twisted new era is exceedingly dangerous, and even the most independent, robust and well equipped digger or squad of excavators needs a place to retreat to, where they can heal up, buy food and water, trade their unwanted loot, gather regional news, enlist replacement adventurers, get assignments from patrons, and form mutually beneficial alliances. Without these communities, the characters would have little hope of survival, thus it is their main motivation, at higher rank, to protect and improve their home town, or even to establish their own fortified base camp and reclaim a few square kilometers of the lawless, wild lands which cover much of the world.

            The objective of playing the Mutant Epoch will of course differ from person to person, and also between players and the game master. Each person sitting at the table will have different goals depending on their own life experiences, exposure to popular books, films, computer games, other RPGs and what they want to get out of the campaign. Some players are more interested in combat action, while some prefer exploration and uncovering ancient sites, still others are into interaction with fellow player characters or GM controlled non-player characters.

            The game master, or GM, will have the most challenging and rewarding role in the game, as he or she must be the ‘window to the world’ for the players, speak and act on behalf of all the NPCs (non-player characters) and creatures, control the weather and create the necessary elements for a memorable and exciting gaming session. Given the duties the GM must perform, he or she will obviously have a separate set of game objectives, paramount of these is to see his or her efforts at adventure crafting well rewarded, entertaining for all, fun to host and open enough to inspire calls for further sessions.

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Objective of Game Play
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