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New Relic for SOE member's area only:-M-95-DuoPyro-Assult-Carbine


Preview of SOE Membership

The following resources are available, free of charge, to registered members of the Society of Excavators (SOE), with the purchase or ownership of any copy of The Mutant Epoch role playing game Hub Rules book. Learn more about how to become a member or sign up now here.

What's Included in the Society of Excavators Member's area?

Here is a brief list of just some of the great and ever growing hoard waiting to be looted inside the SOE member's area:

NPCs  for general use in any GM created region or adventure, as well as those associated with other assorted TME products, such as regional settings, adventures, and fiction.

Pre Generated PCs

Online Bestiary


Electrical Technician Projects

Town Encounter Tables

Greeting Cards

Mature Content sub-site

Free Adventures

Miscellaneous Maps

Character Sheet Variants

Names for Your Characters

Dead Pile


TME Glossary and Slang & Cuss word

GM House Rules

Fan Zone: Fiction and Art and Player Submitted Downloads


Suggestion Box

and much more....


A preview of Just some of what's you'll
uncover in the SOE member's area:


Downloadable paper dice




A wide assortment of hex and grid sheets for free download


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An ever growing treasury of new relics, NPCs and creatures

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Downloadable content from published books as well as tons of free supplements to enhance your game


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A massive collection of character portraits to be printed, cut out and glued to your player's sheets




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A growing range of generic maps that GMs can use to drop into any home brew adventure





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Mature content supplements, creatures and NPCs



Tutorials that the GM can print out or email and supply to new players

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Encounter tables

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Standard and variant Character sheets


Greeting cards for emailing or printing at home


And much more, including fiction and the 18+ only mature content section.

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