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Company Questions

Question: Other game publishers have fan sites, where dudes put their home made modules and PC stat blocks and stuff. I’ve a buddy who can put up a quick site at one of the free web space providers like blogger.com . I can add my own creatures and relic designs, like my triple barrel shotgun with flame unit attachment, (just as an example) and some of the short adventures I wrote for my own group of players, but the site would look like crap without artwork. Can I legally scan the work from the pdf print outs and place it on this site. If not, can I at least put the Mutant Epoch logo on the page?

Answer: As far as I know it’s unethical to use the art from the game for any purpose other than personal use, and while the site might be deemed as personal use, access to it would be public. We have a series of images specifically for other web site and print applications where anybody wanting to make a TME fan site or section inside their own personal web space can use the promotional images and resources. As a Society of Excavators member you can find the ever growing collection of The Mutant Epoch fan site usable imagery at the fan site support graphics page in the member's section of the site. If you're not a member yet, feel free to add one of our banners or mailing list cyborg skull graphics to our site.
           May I add, on behalf of all the Outland Arts staff and volunteers, that we are honored that you would like to create a fan site,  I am all for anything that helps promote this product as well as the RPG industry as a whole. I’ll email you directly when new fan site image goodies, banners and whatnot are available.



Question: Is Outland Press going to Gen Con or any of the other conventions in the coming months?

Answer: We would love to go and do plan to do so; however, its a bit of an expensive proposition right now. For the expense of the trip (living in Canada), we realized that while everybody needs a holiday, the funds could better be spent hiring artists and printers and advertising the actual products. Also, while many non-OGL publishers attend GenCon and other huge conventions, we feel that our customers are a select, focused group who dwell in many countries and regions, often far removed from the large population centers of the United States, and therefore spending our resources on a small potential segment of the fan base would not serve the majority of buyers and collectors, at least not this year. On the other hand, we suspect that by showing up at such a popular event would attract many gamers who would otherwise not hear of us or previously been OGL, 4e, Pathfinder other RPG players only, our mission is not to steal players from other systems, but to create new players, individuals who have never participated in a role playing game before.
           The plan is to first increase our game line, participate in local and regional conventions and work our way up to GenCon and Origins, Dragoncon and others venues. The money saved , in the meantime, from travel expenses can go into advertising, freelancers, and print runs. If we could get our books into a group table or presented and sold through an indie game booth, that would be great.


Question: What other incarnations of the Mutant Epoch RPG have there been?
Answer: Initially, the game was called ‘The Risen Few™’,  then ‘Torn World’, which were somewhat different in era, being played closer to our own time after a nuclear holocaust, and having less advanced technology and a more mad max feel. The Mutant Epoch is set in the 24th century, after a few centuries of wars which are still raging, where in some areas old world civilizations continue to exist, fighting for survival amid riotous mutant life, as well as their arch enemies, the Mecha- the androids. Clones, trans-humans, bioreplicants, beastial humans and cyborgs also cope to survive, with all of these races being possible player characters. The idea of one global war devastating the earth suddenly, and then a sudden rise of mutants from radiation simply didn’t fly with our designers. The controversies around human cloning, the rise of terrorist activities, the break down of nations via separatist movements, f**king GMO food, as well as the growth of trans-global corporations were all added to the stew that is The Mutant Epoch™ setting. Why call it The Mutant Epoch? Well, mainly because the mutants, some whom were genetically engineered to serve pure stock humans, while others have mutated due to the exposure by their ancestors to radiation and bio-genetic agents, are now the most populace form of humanity, and in an age free of human domination, have set out to claim this age, this epoch, as their own. It is the best of times to be a mutant, even though for a ruin explorer of any race, it is a daily struggle to merely survive.


Question: Do you take art submissions? If so, does your art director want printed samples or a link to a web based portfolio?

Answer: Good question. We do have art  and writing submissions links here and it will take you to both our writers and artists guidelines. While we already have a few reliable artists, they can’t do everything as they have been, and we like a lot of different styles, especially for our magazine, Excavator Monthly, and are always looking for new talent, especially anyone who can render salvaged arms and armor, robotics, rugged looking machines and freaky mutant creatures. We would prefer a web link instead of attachments in an email or printed samples. If you don’t have a web site, then please send samples to the address on our contact page, attention: Art Director, Outland Arts.com.  Photocopies will do as most of what we are looking for is pencil and ink work. Please attach your rate sheet for quarter and half page maps and figure/item renderings.

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