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The Mutant Epoch Site Map

Public Area



            The Mutant Epoch Store

            Retailers who carry The Mutant Epoch

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            Other Merchandise

                        Original Art

                        Prints & Posters

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            Quick Overview of The Mutant Epoch RPG    

            Preview of The Mutant Epoch Setting  

            What's the Mutant Epoch about?         

            Huh? Role playing?   

            Preview of characters 

            Explanation of Outland System game mechanic 

            Newsletter:: Outland Arts Insider       

            TME and Outland Arts new archive  

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            Society of Excavators? What's that?


            Fan Sites        

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            Kids Area   

Art Gallery    

            Art samples from the books 

                        The Mutant Epoch RPG: Hub Rules     

                        Adventure TME-1  Mall of Doom        

                        Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins             

                        The Crossroads Region         

                        Excavator Monthly Magazine: all issues

                        Mutant Beastiary One              

                        Adventure TME-2  Blood Road       

                        Adventure TME-3  The Flesh Weavers         

                        Adventure TME-4  Nuke Tower



             Coloring book and coloring pages


About Us        

            Mission Statement       

            The Team       

            Legal Info      

            Work With Us 

                        Writers Guidelines       

                        Artist Guidelines     


            Fan Sites  The Mutant Epoch:: Fan Sites Directory    

            TME Social Media Sites The Mutant Epoch:: Social Media sites we participate in.   

            Artists We Like The Mutant Epoch:: Artists we like      

            RPG Sites to Visit The Mutant Epoch:: RPG sites to visit    

            Podcasts to Listen To The Mutant Epoch:: Podcasts to listen to. 

            Blogs of Interest to RPG Gamers and PA Fans The Mutant Epoch:: Blog links

            Recommended PA Reading The Mutant Epoch:: Our Recommended Post Apocalyptic reading list    

            GMs Reference and resources sites  The Mutant Epoch:: GM links page, Assorted RPG Game master resource links   

            Films to Watch The Mutant Epoch:: Post Apocalyptic and Survivalist films to watch.

            Post Apocalyptic links  The Mutant Epoch:: Post Apocalyptic links

            Friends of Outland Arts  The Mutant Epoch:: Friends of Outland Arts.com        

            Dice Rollers   The Mutant Epoch:: Dice Rollers  

            Webrings  The Mutant Epoch::Webrings we are plugged into.     

            Resources for Other Game Publishers The Mutant Epoch:: Resources for other role-playing game and book publishers. 

            Miscellaneous Links  The Mutant Epoch:: Miscellaneous links that we want to share.   

            TME Banners and Buttons for Your Site The Mutant Epoch:: TME banners for your site        


            Company Directed Questions  

            TME Rules Questions  

            TME Setting Questions

            Misc. RPG, PA, Game and Gamer Questions  


SOE Membership Kit  

Members Login           

BLOG  http://themutantepoch.blogspot.com/



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SOE Home    

SOE News Archive


            NPCs (Non-Player Characters)           

            Online Beastiary          

            Pitford Lite Community Setting 

            Paper Dice      

            Free Encounters and Adventures          

            Names for Characters  

            Greeting Cards

            Map Room      

            Downloads by Product

            Pre-Gen Player Characters      

            Personality Matrix        

            Character Portrait Gallery        

            Relic Repository          

            GM Screen Inserts      




Character Sheets         

Dead Pile        

TME Glossary 


            Dice & Usage  

            Character Generation   

            Rank Gain Procedure  

            Combat Example         

            Using Mutations           

House Rules    

FAN Zone      

            Fan Sites        

                        Support Graphics        

Fan Created Art          

            Fan Created Critters    

            Fan Created Relics     

            Fan Created Miscellanea         



Mature Content Area of site

            Mature Content   18+   (Adult Content Warning Page) 

                        Mature Content Home             

                        Mature Creatures        

                        Mature Mutations        

                        Mature NPCs  

                        Mature Relics & Robots          

                        Mature Adventure Hooks        

                        Mature PC Reproduction         

                        Mutant Pin-Up Art      

                        Mature Links   

                        Leave Mature Content Area         







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