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NOTE: Preview of the Expansion Rules Table of Contents are at the bottom of this page


Feb 7 2024: TME Expansion Rules Update

Hey, Epochians, I just made a huge post at The Mutant Epoch Blog giving an update on the progress of the TME Expansion Rules book. I've got hundreds of small interior illustrations to do yet but we're almost there!   Now, its time to get back to inking muties!  WM




Jan 3 2024: TME Expansion Rules Update


Layout Complete! Just wrapping up the cover art and design, late play testing and edit inserts. The big task now is doing the 100+ interior images.

    Some of these are full page illustrations using black and white on gray paper, but most are quarter page to thumbnail sized inks presenting implants, small relics, new bestial humans, and untold numbers of other spot images. These images will all be for sale at very reasonable prices, especially for Society of Excavator members.


Art Gallery Here

Follow along with the progress on all our social media, with Instagram being my most active venue.



















  October 25th  2022 Update:

Yes, work continues on the Expansion Rules Book

Now that the Monday Mutants Bestiary book is out the door, we are once more able to devote all our efforts on the last new additions, edits, and interior art for The Expansion Rules. I cannot give a date when this much anticipated book will be released. But when the final layout is done, and the art boxes for remaining images to be illustrated is known, then I can give you a far more accurate date.



December 18 2021 Update: Work on the Expansion Rules Book Progresses

With Adventure TME-5  Dog Daze Published, weve turned all our focus on completing the Expansion Rules. Cover art, interior art and writing, play testing and editing are taking place in different sections of the book simultaneously. We are adding some content (mostly skills, pre-play castes, relics, mutations and expanded rules such as encumbrance) and cutting other things which deserve their own sourcebooks -- The Random Robot Generator and Random Creature Generator to name two examples.

Included here in this update are a few screenshots of the cover art in progress. I am finishing this one digitally because I need each figure on its own layer and in full length for merchandising applications and had this idea that Id make these excavators available to the community as ready to play PC/NPC characters.


The Expansion Rules book cover in progress. The figure layout here shows the placement of each of the new character types (plus a human, android or some other human-shaped character in the heavy combat armor holding a Digital Being palm projector. This image depicts a self aware unique robot, an abomination, a plantoid, vat brain in a wheeled configuration, the human and digital being, and a mutorg woman in the foreground. A mutorg is a mutant-cyborg hybrid. Not shown are nanoborgs, scrapbuilts, a new collection of bestial humans, self-aware androids, or parasite character types (although I plan to put a parasite in full color on the back cover and in the PDF variant of this mighty book.

Click on this in-progress cover to see a massive 16 x 22 inch version on a separate page.




May 16th 2019 Update:
While I go into greater detail with this update over on our blog, just a quick notice here that we've added a metric shit ton more art to the gallery here and are posting almost every day on Instagram, twitter, Facebook, deviant art, art wanted and mewe.com (which replaces our G+ page and I hope to see you all there!)

Writing, play testing ,edits and art production for the Expansion Rules are our primary daily focus now, and we aim to see a stack of this book at our Outland Arts Booth at the two local gaming conventions here in Kamloops, this September and October. That said, there is a hell of a lot of work to do between now and then, including a new One Day Dig by Rey Rodriquez called Wizard of the Wastes.

So check out the gallery by clicking the images below and say hello on one of the many social media venues we loiter on.



September 20th 2018 Update:
Yes, in spite of the work on our latest adventure Gun Station Gamma, which released today, we are still taking in fan crafted relics, cybernetic implants and mutations, as well as rules testing, writing and editing. More artwork is also on the go:

July 17th 2018 Update:
Besides working on the rules and descriptive text for the Expansion Rules, new final art is starting to arrive. We've created a ink and other finished Art gallery right here.

March 30 2018  
Welcome to The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules page. Bookmark this page as it will be the permanent homage for this new book upon completion and release. In the meantime, this area will be a central redoubt for everything to do with this huge project.

Table of Contents
To start with, we are going to continuously post the latest version of the Table Of Contents, showing you what's going to be included in the book, although some mutations, implants, and relics might be removed, renamed, or moved to other sections. For example, if the random ruin, robot and mutant creature generators turn out to be too big and involved, each might become their own, much smaller, sourcebooks.

Also on this page is a thumbnail gallery, shown immediately below, which showcases sketches and thumbnails from forthcoming book. Some of these will later be turned into digital grayscale paintings, inks, or might even appear as characters on the book cover. Just click a thumbnail that interests you, or else, start with the first image and it will take you to the sketchbook section of our site, which will take over the current sketchbook area.

See your name in print and probably* get a piece of original art!
As those of you who received our latest newsletter might recall, we are putting out a request for fan created mutations, flaws, minor mutations, cybernetic implants and relics to be added to this book. The Epochian community has already submitted plenty of additional material for consideration - most all of which will appear in the book - and where overlap of ideas occurs, especially among new Bestial Human types and mutations we will credit all contributors involved. While we might not be able to incorporate everything we receive in this book, or it arrives too late in the layout process (date to be announced but still months away) it will all be made available someplace prominent.
    Items and additions that get included in the book will be credited to the fan who sent it in, or contributors if incoming ideas overlap. Besides credit we will give you the PDF version of the book free, and better still, we'll send you the original ink art or sketch (if used as digital art in publication) that might accompany* the listing; but keep in mind, I work at a 1 to 1 ratio so much of the art will by the size you see it in the book... so yes, small and easy to mail and frame.

We do ask that you come up with your own content, instead of TME visions adopted from other RPGs. While you can get an idea from a movie, comic, novel, real life (relics) computer game or other rpg, please let me know the source or inspiration if possible, and how you've improved on or changed it to make it fit the Outland System and avoid any blatant plagiarism. With so much media out there, I can't possibly be aware of everything in publication, so require your judicious oversight on any submission.

The degree of detail in a submission can range from a few sentences to a completely finished and game ready mutation or relic, with suggested stats. While I can't guarantee that your offering will go unchanged, I for one certainly appreciate a 'play test ready' variant of whatever you send in.
    So, if you got material you want to see in this book, your name in print, and want to contribute to the most important book in our RPG line since the Hub Rules, then email your idea or finished mutation, implant or relic (or optional house rules for that matter) to me, the Mutant Lord at

Not already on the list for Outland Arts Insiders, our newsletter, and want to be notified when the book hits the virtual shelves at Amazon and PDF sales venues? The contact me here and say 'Newsletter' in the subject line. Learn more about the newsletter here.

WiIliam McAusland

PS. Please share this page link online, and if you have a blog, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter feed or website of your own and want post any of these sketches (unaltered so the copyright and all important mutantepoch.com web address shows) then please do!

*As with some of the mutations and implants in the Mutant Epoch Hub Rules, not every item has the a space or need for an illustration. That said, as the creator, and artist, I will do my damndest to see that I can illustrate your submission. Also, if you have more than one new mutation or implant or relic that you and your fellow TME gamers have enjoyed at your table, why not send these along, too? If we use more than one contribution, you'll get the art for the additional features as well.


Sketches and Concept Art for The Expansion Rules

 Click on thumbnail to go to large version Gallery  or visit the Sketchbook





The Mutant Epoch RPG Expansion Rules

Table of Contents*

*Expanded view to show everything inside each listing, the actual table of contents won't be so vast, although all these items will be in the index at the back of the book, with each entry linked to the contents in the PDF variant


Updated August 4th 2023



Using this book (in relation to The Hub Rules and other TME books)


New Character Types

A mutant human who has undergone cybernetic enhancement, having less mutations than most mutant characters, and likewise, few implants, but still, a potent mix

A often hideous miscreation, blob-like at times, with the DNA of both humans and animals and gifted with a mix of mutations and appendages.

A strain of tiny mutant humanoids which while able to move about slowly on whatever disturbing appendages they were born with, they tend to occupy a host human either upon the torso or within it   controlling the zombified subject in a symbiotic relationship. Parasites have  both standard mutations and flaws, as well their own unique, freakish features. See concept art gallery for examples. Each parasite character starts with a separately generated host.

Humans, or if the GM allows, mutants, too, who have suffered some great bodily misfortune.  and had mechanical and electronic parts bolted, stitched and cruelly adhered or inserted into the subject. Similar to a cyborg, these low tech, junk crafted people use prosthetics and scrap parts, including limbs from androids and robots, bicycle wheels, barb wire wrapped limbs and trash to make themselves serviceable and of use to their people or dig team. They have their own random list of parts, problems and even a random optional list which describes the event that leant to their being initially maimed and who rebuilt them.


The product of high tech enclaves and mecha factions. There enhancements tend to be less obvious and easier to conceal then a cyborgs. These potent characters and NPC villains use nanotechnology to repair, enhance and manipulate their body. As they grow in rank, they gain access to more of their inner potential, all the while able to appear as pure stock humans and use the arms and armor of the ancient ones.


Humans descended from a strain of subjects who carry Adoptive DNA which allows not only the organs of other people to be grafted to their bodies without the usual risk of the body rejecting the donor part, but so too, animal organs. First introduced to allow medical patients partially frontline soldiers accept pig grown organs, but so too, other animal parts including those of unnatural creatures, such as mutant monsters.  Characters of this type exhibit a random assortment of extra body parts and organs, plus rules for the medical attachment of additional parts and determination if an appendage is rejected by the body or not. A grafter needs to have advanced medical facilities or personnel to attach new found parts. See concept art for examples.


A living human brain in a vat of nutrient fluid. This subject may or may not have additional glands and living organs contained in other sealed jars or compartments which maintain its living gender and reproductive motivations. These rare beings are basically cyborgs in the truest sense, with a living brain housed in some sort of robotic or android body. To The determination of the body that this entity occupies uses many of the same tables as either a unique android or robot, included in this book.


Digital Being
A single point of consciousness, and derived either from an artificial intelligence or a downloaded human mind from an long deceased ancient one. This being can only exist in one place at one time, and occupies a hard drive within some sort of ancient device. This character typically starts game play inhabiting the CPU of an android, unique or standard robotic unit, but through cable transfer can be downloaded onto a data stick for transport, or loaded into an ancient vehicle's onboard computer, or else, at higher rank broadcast it's appearance from a safer, central location and appear as a hologram through various devices or emitted from ancient devices. This is a complex character type, and makes for an excellent NPC patron or villain. They can be killedd by the hard drive they occupy being crushed, shot through or corrupted by various relic weapons.

Bestial Humans set two
Scroll to bottom for current list to avoid contributor overlap.


Android (Unique/Self Aware)
A mechanical person, whose traits and condition of disrepair are all rolled randomly. So too, the character's skills and any mounted cybernetic parts are also determined at the outset. Differing from a digital being, these entities are less fluid in the computers and pathways they can exist in, have hardwired CPUs and typically, when their head is destroyed, they are considered erased and lost forever. They can learn as they endure the ordeals of the twisted new world, improving their skills, enhancing their mechanical body, and advancing as other characters do.


Appearing as either intelligent, mobile plants without much if any human DNA, or else, occurr as symbiotic, almost parasite-like growth woven in and through a living human cadaver. They start game play with several plant mutations from a huge collection, and, being somewhat intelligent, also commence action with weaponry and equipment.

    Many of these veggie beings wear clothing and masks to allow them to pass in human society when accompanying other 'normal' characters. Interestingly, while meat based individuals must watch for carnivores, plantoids must be careful to avoid herbivores, such as common livestock, especially goats.


Robot (Unique/Self Aware)
Similar to  unique, self aware androids, these characters occupy a hard drive within the head of a randomly generated robotic body. While able to employ the services of a robotics technician to substitute other appendages from defeated or uncovered robots, they often have odd body shapes and do not pass for humans when entering communities, nor are able to wear most relic armor.

     If their CPU is shot through  or their head is crushed, they are considered killed. Digital beings often occupy the forms of unique robots, and a hostile digital being can attack and hack into and dominate this being, possessing it, deleting the consciousness forever. A robust, combat ready unique robot is a welcome asset to any excavation party, particularly one housed in the chassis of an old, modified combot.


Table of Contents

The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules

Table of Contents
Using this book (in relation to The Hub Rules and other TME books)

New Character Types
Bestial Human, set 2
Digital Being

Character Generation Traits Revisited (for handy reference)
Pre-Game Caste Determination (with old castes plus new assortment )

Castes in Expansion Rules
Animal Herder
Bounty Hunter
Bunker Dweller
Fuel Keeper
Hooch Brewer
Technician, Cybernetic
Water Keeper

Character Skill Determination by Caste
Trait Modifiers
Character Details
Age Determination
Weight and Height
Hand Dominance
Swimming Ability
Languages (Determine how many your character knows, list in Appendices)
Rank Advancement Revisited (with tables for all new character types)

Expansion Rules New Skills
Animal Handler
Cybernetics Technician
Demolitions Expert
Escape artist
Hand Signals
Historian, Epochian
Historian, Pre-Apocalypse
Leather Worker
Morse Code
Whip Master

New Prime Mutations
Acidic Saliva 146
Acidic Skin Ducts 147
Advanced Kidneys 148
Age Morphing 149
Animal Association 150
Appearance Morph 151
Bonded Twin 152
Bravery Inducement 153
Carnivorous Adaptation 154
Compression-Expansion 155
Contact Healing 156
Digital Optic Fade 157
Dimension Hole 158
Dimensional Awareness 159
Dimensional Blade 160
Dimensional Retreat 161
Dimensional Shell 162
Discern Dimensional Entities 163
Dome of Energy 164
Echolocation 165
Elastic Skeleton 166
Electrical Impulse Emission 167
Emotion Inducement 168
Energy Orbs 169
Energy Smite 170
Energy Tendril 171
Energy Wall Generation 172
Enormous Bone Spike 173
Enriched Skeletal Structure 174
Extreme Healing 175
Extreme Survivability 176
Feathered 177
Fish Fins 178
Flame Thrower Limb 179
Flesh Whip 180
Formic Acid Sprayer 181
Four Eyes 182
Frequency Receptors 183
Gas Sacs 184
Gaseous Expansion 185
Generate Dimensional Horror 186
Heal Touch 43
Herbicidal Tissues 187
Horrid Symbionts 188
Illusion Generation 189
Illusionary Concealment 190
Imbue Prowess 191
Internal Twin Fetus 192
Irritation Particles 193
Kinetic Fist 194
Lost and Found 195
Mental Counter Attack 196
Mental Dominion 197
Mental Stun 198
Micro Feelers 199
Micro Spines 200
Microwave Generation 201
Mind Unification 202
Mineral Embedded Skin 203
Misery Flashback Inducement 204
Molecular Manipulation 205
Muto-Centaur 206
Neural Surge 207
Nocturnal 208
Oil Stream 209
Organ Grenade 210
Phlegm Sheet Spitter 211
Planer Skip 212
Plasma Sphere Projection 213
Precognitive Reactions 214
Psionic Dampening Sphere 215
Psionic Dead Zone 216
Psionic Sight 217
Psionic Strike 218
Pulse Eyes 219
Quill Thrower Limb 220
Razor Hook 221
Sandblaster 222
Sarcophagus Cocoon 223
Seasonal Enhancement 224
Sense Transfer 225
Slime Excretion 226
Snake Tongue 227
Spike Thrower Arm 228
Stinger Spike 229
Sub-Headedness 230
Sub-Plane Leap 231
Sword Arm 232
Telekinetic Flight 233
Telekinetic Junk Shield 234
Telekinetic Mangle 235
Third Eye 236
Thought Share 237
Tissue Padding 238
Transform Weather 239
Tri-segmented Mouth 240
Unique Tentacle 241
Venomous Claws 242
Venomous Horns 243
Voice Mimicry 244
Web Generation 245

New Minor Mutations List
Additional External Body Part 246
Carrion Eater 247
Chin Spikes 248
Dagger Finger 249
Decreased Aging 250
Depth Awareness 251
Detect Blood 252
Dowsing Fingers 253
Dual Earlobes 254
Dual Finger Nails 255
Electro-Reception 256
Extra Belly Button 257
Fertilizer Urine 258
Fingered 259
Friction Fingers 260
Glow Blood 261
Goosebumps 262
Half Absorbed Fetal Twin 263
Homing Sense 264
Inner Clock 265
Internal Compass 266
Large Birthmark 267
Living Hair 268
Magnetic Attraction 269
Memory Scent 270
Micro Hands 271
Minor Radio Reception 276
Monotreme 272
Mood Coloration Alteration 273
Power Detection 274
Pyro-Generation 275
Rare Hair 277
Renewable Teeth 278
Salt Crystal Knobs 279
Seasonal Skin Coloration 280
Shedding Nails 281
Skin Shedding 282
Stubby Tail 283
Throbbing Scar Tissue 284
Unhingable Jaw 285
Warmth Generation 286
Waxy 287

New Flaw Mutations
Aphasia 288
Arms on One Side 289
Cataracts 290
Chest Head 291
Chronic Depression 292
Deaf 293
Diminished Lungs 294
Epilepsy 295
Excessive Earwax Generation 296
External Organs 297
Fused Fingers 298
Fused Neck 299
Growths 300
Grunter 301
Head on Shoulder 302
Leg-Arm Inversion 303
Locking Joints 304
Lopsided 305
Massive Club Foot 306
Night Blind 307
No Sense of Direction 308
Open Mind 309
Oversized Head 310
Reduced Awareness 311
Shaky 312
Shrunken Head 313
Shrunken Heart 314
Slow Witted 315
Stacked Eyes 316
Stumpy Legs 317
Stunted 318
Sun Burner 319
Tears of Blood 320
Tinnitus 321
Useless Appendage 322
Weak Bones 323

NPC Only Mutations
Body Conjoined Twins 324
Down Syndrome 325
Dual Gendered 326
Extreme Virility 327
Gender Cycle 328
Groin Conjoined Bodies 329
Legless 330
Sexless 331

Plantoid Mutations
Acidic Sap 332
Algae Spew 333
Allergy Inducing Spores 334
Amber Pellets 335
Animal Parts 336
Arid Plant Adaptation 337
Armored Husk 338
Barb Whip Tendrils 339
Bitter Tasting 340
Boring Tendrils 341
Bug Repellent Sap 342
Chameleon Powers 343
Club limb (or vine) 344
Control Carnivorous Plants 345
Dagger Seed Pods 346
Dehydration Root 347
Detachable Core Seedling 348
Digestive Sap 349
Earth Boring Roots 350
Enhanced Pine Needles 351
Exoskeleton 352
Exploding Puff Balls 353
Exploding Seed Pods 354
Extra Large 355
Extreme Fibers 356
Eye Tendril 357
Fibrous Armor 358
Fire Repellent 359
Flotation Pods 360
Fly Trap Jaws 361
Forest Rejuvenation 362
Fragmentation Pine Cones 363
Glow in the Dark 364
Grappling Root 365
Hallucinatory Spores 366
Hand-like Branch 367
Harpoon Vines 368
Healing Blossoms 369
Hovering Gas Bag 370
Human Parts 371
Leaf Wings 372
Lightning Flowers 373
Manipulator Vines 374
Medicinal Sap 375
Mimic Human Shape 376
Mineral Impregnated Bark 377
Muscle-Fibers 378
Net Roots 379
Nutritional Sap 380
Obscuring Pollen Cloud 381
Plant Manipulation 382
Plant Serenity 383
Poisonous Berries 384
Radiation Leeching 385
Saw Leaves 386
Second Skin 387
Seedling Minions 388
Serrated Leaves 389
Shriek Radius 390
Solar Emission Burst 391
Solar Regenerating 392
Spitting Acid Pods 393
Spring Coil Leap 394
Sticky Sap 395
Suction Tendrils 396
Thorns 397
Toxic Sap 398
Tumbling Locomotion 399
Vampiric Roots 400
Water Storage Pods 401
Weaponized Spear-grass 402

Plant Flaw Mutations List
Aphids 403
Delicious to herbivores 404
Flammable 405
Green Walker Root Ball 406
Grubs and Beetles 407
Lightning Rod 408
Mealybugs 409
Past Termite Infestation 410
Periodic Rooting 411
Pollen 412
Rodents 413
Root Bound 414
Slug Infestation 415
Solar dependent 416
Stench 417
Tastes like chicken 418
Tent Caterpillars 419
Trunk Rot 420
Visible Skeletal Remains 421
Wild Nature 422

New Expansion Rules Implants
Aquatic Deployment Augmentation 51
Aquatic Propulsion System 52
Audio Compensator 53
Autopilot Module 54
Bow implant arm 55
Carbon Fiber Muscle Enhancement [CFME] 56
Chopper-Borg 57
Cybernetic Hair Replacement 58
Database 59
Dual Weapon Arm 60
Electro-Shock-Suppressor 61
Epidermal Manipulator 62
Flotation Bags 63
Fold-out Alloy Shield 64
Fold-out Alloy Sword 65
Force Canopy 66
Glide Wings 67
Homing Device 68
Mechanical Hand 69
Memory Backup 70
Mental Attack Dampener 71
Micro Suture Laced Tissues 72
Motion Stabilizer 73
Multi-tool Arm 74
Nutritional Enhancement Module 75
Optical Implants Set 2 76
Parachute 77
Power Leeching Unit 78
Power-Jack 79
Quadrupedal Lower Body 80
Robotic Serpentine Body 81
Snorkel 82
Solar Nutrient Converter 83
Sound Dampening Field 84
Speed Assist Rotors 85
Subcutaneous Plating 86
Synthetic Skin 87
Vehicle Control Module 88
Vocal Mimicry Modulator 89
Weapon Arm Set 2 90
Welding Torch 91
Wheel Deployment 92

Expanded and Optional Rules
Dimensional Beings, Portals and Adventures

New Combat Options

Post-Apocalyptic Weapons, Armor and Equipment

Jury Rigged Cyber Limbs

Scrap Built Guns

Custom Built Black Powder Weapons

Learning Reading, Writing, Math and Swimming

Radiation and effects on Robots and Androids


Expanded Critical Strikes Rules by Danny Seedhouse
Implant purchasing

Broken Bones and healing time

Exceeding the Limits of Mental Mutations

Organic Characters Hacking into CPU

Skill Tier Unlocks by Danny Seedhouse

New Relics


Tables, Prices and weights for new relics

Expanded Weapon Classification Tables

Random Personality Table
Character Old World Ethnicity
Popsicle People by Danny Seedhouse
Mostly Useless Old World Occupations
Property and Estates by Tim Berriault
Standards of Beauty in an Ugly Age by Graeme Hallett

Alternate Character Sheets

Standard Character Sheet (For Hub Rules PCs)
Cyborg Character Sheet
Muto-Borg Character Sheet
Android Character Sheet
Abomination Character Sheet
Parasite Character Sheet
Rebuilt Character Sheet
NanoBorg Character Sheet
Grafter Character Sheet
Vat-Brain Character Sheet
Digital Being Character Sheet
Bestial Humans Character Sheet
Plantoid Character Sheet


Isometric graph paper




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