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Expansion Rules Art Gallery


Also see the Expansion Rules Book Sketchbook Gallery


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She-mutorg in a sandstorm. This wild thing has a chainsaw for an arm, energy shield mutation, cybernetic targeting optic implant, third arm and more. Art for the TME Expansion Rules 

mutorg, expansion rules, rpg, post-apocalyptic, tabletop-rpg, role-playing game, chainsaw, ink art, mutant epoch 

New Mutation: Sub-Headedness (Enlarged to show texture).

Parasite showing several of the random appendages available to character and NPCs of this type.

New Mutation: Unspecified energy discharge.

New Mutation: Third Eye, which will include a random table showcasing several varieties of this mutation, from merely a simple extra eye that matches the freak's regular eye, or offer night vision, radiation detection, or a variety of beam emitters.

Digital Being: Palm Hologram Projector. This hand held unit allows the digital being to interact with other party members. In this case, the entity is assuming a lounge singer form and revealing the ancient floor plan of a facility that the dig team is about to enter. Much of the complex is perhaps collapsed or flooded, or even inhabited by warmorts. The digital being might actually be housed in the held held unit's memory chip (which is risky) or being transmitted from a CPU someplace safer.

New Mutation: Quadruped Legs

NOTE: Because Game Masters will be asked this question.... the subject's reproductive gear are situated at the front junction, digestive 'end of the line' at the rear leg junction


New Mutation: Oil Belly. Think Napalm spitter... although 3d6 Liters of greasy oil can also be used to grease a concrete or steel floor to make it hard for pursuers to come after your team, or coated and then lit on fire. Other options include spewing up to blind an opponent.  Beside being quite unattractive, the real peril this NPC or PC must fret about is being hit by an incendiary bullet, or, if ruptured, the deviant could explode.

Prosthetic Leg: Although a cyborg character, she sports a standard, non-powered electric leg replacement. This is going to be necessary after you see the new critical hit tables written by Danny Seedhouse.


Select Gallery: 1 | 2 | 3  | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |10 |11 |12 |13|14|15 |16 |17|18 |19 | 20 


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