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Expansion Rules Art Gallery 8


Also see the Expansion Rules Book Sketchbook Gallery


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Rebuilt character with mask face. Sometimes wearing the peeled off face of a fashion manikin is preferable to the ruined wreck of a scrapper’s true visage. 

mask, disguise, manikin, rebuilt, scrap, scrapper, junkcraft, rpgmaker, mutantepoch, postapocalyptic, rpg, ttrpg, facemask, outlandsystem, outlandarts, inkartist, indiegame


Sabre Fingered Sue
An extreme version of the mutation Blade Finger from the upcoming Mutant Epoch RPG’s Expansion Rules. This mutant happens to have four arms, two of which are relatively normal. Swipe left for detail view.

blade, finger, sue, mutant epoch, mutant, mutants, mutated, post-apocalyptic, rpg, outland system, freak, ink art, illustrator, outland arts#outland system, velociraptor, clawed, claws, archer, archery, bow, ink

A she-mutant with four normal arms and a pair of spine thrower limbs. A small ink measuring about three inches wide. 

Hey, Did you know we have a Mutant Epoch forum? Its at www.mutantepochforum.boards.net

arms, mutant, mutated, spikes, mutants, mutant epoch, rpg, ttrpg, dice game, tabletop, tabletop rpg, ink artist, post-apocalyptic, outland arts, outland system


Vat-Brain character type portrait. Ink on acid free paper. This image shows the jug headed excavator’s hardened, bullet resistant brain pot, sensor arrays, hook ups and ornaments. Swipe for detail.
For the Mutant Epoch RPG Expansion Rules in progress.

vatbrain, brain, vat, mutant, epoch, expansion rules, tme, rpg, ttrpg, ink artist, rpg art, rpg maker, post-apocalyptic, outland system, outland arts, roleplaying game, tabletop rpg similar to gamma world, mcc, mutant year zero, mutant future or other science fiction games


Vat-Brain with a relic axe. Another jug-headed specimen for the TME Expansion Rules. To create the body for this unit we’ll use the unique robotics tables to quickly determine the limbs, torso and any other features.

vat brain, jug head, cryogenic, mutant epoch, rpg, robotics, robot, ai, droid, brain, rpg maker, outland arts, post-apocalyptic, tabletop rpg, role-playing game, Outland system, Canadian gamer, indie game, indie author, indie publisher, ink artist, ttrpg


Select Gallery: 1 | 2 | 3  | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |10 |11 |12 |13|14|15 |16 |17|18 |19 | 20


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