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Expansion Rules Art Gallery 11


Also see the Expansion Rules Book Sketchbook Gallery

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Grappling Root
Another plantoid mutation for the TME Expansion Rules. This hook ended root is spring loaded and can be very useful in the wasteland or ruined streets. Shooting it into an opponent’s chest can also be done, and will knock an enemy flying for stun damage.
#grapple #grapplinghook #climbing #bartertown


Harpoon Vine
Reach out and touch somebody - then yank them in and steal their stuff! This plantoid mutation can occur both on player character weedies as well as all sorts of flesh eating mutant plants, so watch yourself, excavator.
#harpoon #javelin #speargun #vine


Healing Sap
Another plantoid mutation for the upcoming Expansion Rules for the Mutant Epoch RPG by Outland Arts. These hard pressed characters are pinned down and facing yet another onslaught. Will this end in a TPK or will they get outa this mess?
#healing #heal #sap #tpk #inktober


Take that, skully turds!
Thorn Thrower mutation for the upcoming and overdue TME Expansion Rules. This plantoid is not going into the veggie stir-fry for these skullocks. This appendage makes for a great club, too!
#thorns #prickles #barbs #tree


Plantoid human mimic mutation
For the TME Expansion Rules. This plant mutie can adjust, prune, and hedge trim itself to fit into human clothing and disguise itself as a person, at least from a distance.
New ink art, 5 x 8”
#mimic #human #disguise #creature #monster #plantoid #mutantplant #plant


Leafy Wings
Either with smaller gliding appendages, or full sized wings, plantoid characters with this mutation can make a hasty retreat whenever the opportunity presents itself.
#wings #flight #fly #flying 


Here comes trouble!
‘Enormous’ plantoid mutation. Weedies with this deviation are huge and enjoy increased strength and endurance traits. Regrettably, characters like this can’t participate in many adventures as they can’t fit into the old halls and chambers of the oldsters, which is why it is recommended for each player of The Mutant Epoch RPG to have two PCs on the go.
#tree #giant #enormous #inktober


Obscuring Pollen Pods
Like deploying a smoke screen, this plantoid mutation can help your weedy get away, or blind the enemy long enough to close within melee range.
Ink on paper, about 5 x 3 inches.
#pollen #smokescreen #obscure #tree #ent #rpg #ttrpg #mutantepoch #postapocalyptic
#plantoid #mutantplant #plant #illustrator #art #treebeard


Bring it on, Skullock filth!
Blade Leaves in action against a swarm of pissed off skullocks. All new art for the Mutant Epoch RPG’s upcoming Expansion Rules book. Ink on paper, roughly 5 x5”.
#sword #blade #skullock #rpg #battle


Bring the light, muties!
Light burst plantoid mutation for the TME Expansion Rules book. No, this weedy’s head isn’t exploding.
#photoburst #light #bright #sunlight #light


Spring into action with the Mutant Epoch RPG
Well, not with plantoids like this just yet, ‘cause these muties are in the Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules which we’re still working hard at. With my right eye out of action things have been ‘challenging’, yet work progresses nonetheless.
This is the spring root plant mutation, btw, and can also be used to unleash a surprising belly blow.
#spring #coil #root #escape #tentacles


Select Gallery: 1 | 2 | 3  | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |10 |11 |12 |13|14|15 |16 |17|18 |19 | 20


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