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Expansion Rules Art Gallery 1


Also see the Expansion Rules Book Sketchbook Gallery

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Thorn Slap
A plantoid with the mutation thorns gives a rude skullock a crack across the face. All new art for the Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules book... once more in progress.
#thorns #whip #plantoid #plant #tree

Toxic Sap
Back to another plantoid mutation. Mr. Piggy took a bite of the wrong veggie character, and seems to have failed his hazard check.
#toxic #venom #poison #sap #pig #piggy

Tumbleweed Muties!
Another plantoid mutation for the TME Expansion Rules. This character is doing a tuck and roll down a hill to get away from a giant vegan garnock, and goes twice as fast with the wind at its back.


Acidic Skin Ducts
Another new mutation in the works fir the TME Expansion Rules. This sole survivor is exuding acid from her wrists and ankles and burning away her bonds prior a hasty escape from the man-eaters in the background.

Half page ink and wash on acid free paper. The last image I had ready before my retinal catastrophe. Got six plantoid images ready and scanned, however, so stay tuned.
#acid #maneater #escape #prisoner


Bonded Twin
New mutation for The Mutant Epoch RPG expansion Rules. Inked before my right eye went offline.
This undersized twin can keep watch while the main body is asleep, and also add an extra attack or feature additional mutations.
#inktober #twin #twins #siamesetwin


Echolocation Mutation
Half page art for the Mutant Epoch RPG Expansion Rules.
With only sound, the lead mutant here can make a high-pitched bat-like shriek and get a picture back of the incoming monstrosity shown in the distant. Unfortunately for the pure stock doing his reload, he can see almost nothing in the gloom.
#echolocation #seeinthedark #darkness #bat 


Gas Bags
Another new mutation for the TME Expansion Rules. These sacs are inflated from internal reserves of lighter than air, pressurized digestive gases which cause the flexible skin balloons to unfurl and fill. While only able to drift on the wind, these bags can allow the mutant to drift high and observe the environment around them.
#gasbag #floatation #balloon #fly #flying #ruins


Illusionary Concealment
Another new mutation for the Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules book. This outgunned mutie needs to hope that none of these well armed slayers see through his projected illusionary shrub display.
#guns #gunmen #armed #soldier #warrior #illusion #illusionary #trick #mindtrick


Irritation Particles
Itchy, burning eyes? How about getting coated in chafing, powdered calcium carbonate particles. This stuff works its way into ones armor and clothing and will absolutely ruin your day, if not temporarily blind you and make surviving combat in the wasteland unlikely!  New mutation for the Mutant Epoch RPG Expansion Rules.

#sand #melee #brawl #fight #wasteland #combat #irritation #skullock #skullocks #mutie

Christopher Abrahams stated these creatures out over on our facebook page

DV: -12 (junk armour made for flotsam and jetsom)/ -20 in water

END: 12+d20

MV: 5m/10m swim

Initiative: 0/+2 in water.

ATKs: 3 max 1 weapon (2 if using a knife), 1 mental mutation

SV: 52 (base) 56 (knives)

DMG d10+3 Dagger, d20 END d6 Int via Mind Crush.

STR: 30

AGI: 40

ACC:37 (+2sv)

INT: 2d10+3

WIL: d10+30

PER: 45 (+1)

APP: 3d4

Valuables: VP (items found in the water)

EFs: 30

Morale: Firm

Size: 1.2 meters*

weight 60kg

Mutations: Webbed hands, Mind Crush.

Relics 20% of having a harpoon gun (modded for the webbed hands)

Implants: N/A

Skills: Knife Fighter 2, Stealth 2


*Thanks to their stout legs they don't stand tall like their standard cousins but the extra forehead room tends to make them look the same height.


Frogskies, a variety of skullocks modeled on "old world" frogmen.

They have a host of aquatic mutations, advanced mind, and mind crush.

They would be sent out to capture ships by lurking in the water and mind crushing helmsman and lookouts alike.


Mental Counter Attack
New mutation that will automatically try to reflect back a certain number of incoming mental attacks and intrusions per day per character rank (level). It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it can sure as hell give the sending culprit a nasty surprise... as shown in this new half page ink art.
#mental #counterattack #mirror #response #mind #mentalattack #esp


Select Gallery: 1 | 2 | 3  | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 |10 |11 |12 |13|14|15 |16 |17|18 |19 | 20


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