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or  get PDF via Pay What You Want at Gumroad.com here

The Mutant Epoch RPG Quick Start Rules includes everything you need to truly test drive the Outland System Game mechanic and explore the astounding, richly supported, freak filled post-apocalyptic universe of The Mutant Epoch. Included in this book are a rich sampling of mutations, skills and cybernetic implants, along with three character types: Pure stock humans, mutants and cyborgs, plus ten creatures, ten relics and basic easy to learn rules. Also included is a brief sampling of the town of Sandbarra from the Crossroads Region Gazetteer, along with a 42 page entry level adventure called Muddy Mayhem.

     We've presented 96 illustrations from the original hub rules book, 4 inks and 2 maps from the Crossroads Gazetteer, and produced 49 all new illustrations, a cover image, 3 player handouts and 5 maps for the low rank, yet highly challenging adventure. We've also added a character sheet you can photocopy, hex and grid paper, plus a link here to the printer friendly grayscale version of just the rules (to print off several copies of and spread around the game table or hand out to gamer friends).

     Why am I so excited about this free product? Well, long before I was a game designer, I was an avid player of other published and home brewed RPGs, but often didn't own the source books and the only one who did, was the game master. Having a pre-game night workable knowledge of the game mechanic and character generation, setting, mood and potential perils would have been very useful. Better still, as a game master who is new to a game system, the ability to send each player a PDF of the rules prior to sitting down to roll up characters and undertake an adventure together, would be enormously helpful. Additionally, once game play begins, with each player having a copy of the quick start rules at the table, either on their laptop, tablet or a printed copy, it would make for smooth character generation and preliminary game session. Of course, the price is right, too. The only cost to trying The Mutant Epoch QSR is only your time and maybe some photocopy money or inkjet ink.

     So what's in it for Outland Arts, the publisher? We are gamers, first and foremost, and love what we do. We believe in this game system and setting, and want to share it far and wide in the community. Likewise, as the owner and creative director, I am aware of the power of free. We encounter consistent sales via our numerous free and pay what you want products. We realize that once people download and check out our free creatures, One Day Dig adventures, or the Wasteland Treasure tables, that they tend to like what they see and click on an ad at the back of the PDF or follow one of our social media links. I wondered, 'If people were finding the Mutant Epoch RPG via a free critter, that's cool, but what if they could test the system and play out a full adventure as a try before you buy option? What if a variant of the rules was so compact and complete that gamers could attach it in an email and send it to friends, or post it to their own sites, print it off and bring it to their next game, a convention, or show the quick start rules to the owner of their local game shop?'

     Of course, book sales put food on the table for my kids, and that's always appreciated, as are the donations we get from people who snag the One Day Dig adventures. Some people consistently show their support for The Mutant Epoch, and for them we have made the Quick Start Rules Pay What You Want over at our Gumroad.com account, likewise, the print book is available and purchasing a copy will certainly throw a few bucks in the game designer's tip jar. For the most part, however, we just want gamers to enjoy this offering, share it freely, and spread the word that the mutants are coming.

Muddy Mayhem includes 49 all new illustrations

Select which version of the Quick Start Rules you want, or get them all!

A 120 page print version also exists at Amazon.com and sells for $15.99 This grayscale book contains the full quick start rules, Sandbarra insert and the adventure Muddy Mayhem.

The Full PDF Version with Color covers for the QSR book and Muddy Mayhem adventure, along with several color maps, borders and graphics, and fully linked internal navigation. This variant is for game masters, as players really shouldn't see the adventure module before experiencing it at the game table.

Rules only PDF edition: This is for screen use and includes the color QSR cover, and graphics, but leaves out the brief community setting of Sandbarra and the adventure Muddy Mayhem. This 150dpi PDF is 15.3mb and we encourage you to freely share this file with all your gamer friends, via email, linking to the book's page at drivethrurpg.com, rpgnow.com, gumroad.com or this page.

Printer Friendly QSR Rules:
This is a 46 page grayscale, graphics reduced variant for sending to a copy center or home printing. It is still tables and illustration heavy, but the border and some other large elements have been eliminated to save ink.
     The file is only 2.5 mb in size and ideal for emailing to all your gamer friends.


Click Image to download PDF

Click Image to download PDF


Although included in the PDFs and zipped file set, we've added the basic character sheet here again for ease of access. Click to open the PDF in a new window:



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