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Creatures of the Apocalypse Codex
Now Available!




Creatures of the Apocalypse Directory

Although crafted for The Mutant Epoch role-playing game, using the Outland System Game Mechanic, a GM can easily modify the stats for our free Creatures of the Apocalypse with another post-apocalyptic game system. n

The plan is that after we create enough of these mutant monsters, is to combine them all into a print and PDF book for sale. The book will have 6 all new creatures that you can only get by buying the collection. The option to print in color might be on the table, but the cost of doing so could make the prospect unfeasible, so for the most part, the soft cover tome would be grayscale. 

Clicking on the cover or title of these free creatures will take you to Drivethrurpg.com or rpgnow.com and the specific creature's page. You'll need an account to download them, but that's a brief process and of course, is free.

Will McAusland


Need more mutants?  Download  our Free Creatures of the Apocalypse PDFs now!

COTA-21 a new Creature of the Apocalypse
Added December 27th 2017

Pay What You Want!


by William McAusland

Chest Head
by Brandon Goeringer


by William McAusland

Wailing Jhonny
by Camille Robertson

by Danny Seedhouse


The Quasi
by James Butler

Back Hatcher
by Brandon Goeringer

by Brandon Goeringer



Junk Mobster



Red Harvester


Sickle Foot


by Danny Seedhouse
Exclusively crafted For Society of Excavator Members who join our forum  



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