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Art from One Day Dig 9: Wizard of the Wastes

Wizard of the Wastes cover illustration.

This is an 8.5 x 11" acrylic on illustration board. I tried a ton of new things on this, including spatter effects
using a toothbrush! My aim here is to warm up for illustrating the 17 book covers for the TME novel series
 and the re-do of the Expansion Rules cover.

So much yet to learn, so many issues around my eye and the new visual reality, and a refit of the studio ahead of me.
Stay tuned and stay safe out there Epochians! WM

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Choppy   One of the Wizardís goons likes to get in close and personal with intruders. Ink from Wizard of the Wastes for The Mutant Epoch RPG.


Rubble Spider Attack!

Another small ink from Wizard of the Wastes for The Mutant Epoch RPG.
My studio is in the basement and every so often Iíll get an eight legged visitor run access my foot or hand. I keep a special tub with a lid handy to catch these creepers and put them in the garden. Black widows are a different matter altogether and we got lots of those in Kamloops. They get nuked.

Steel Knights
More art from Wizard of the Wastes written by Rey Rodriquez for The Mutant Epoch RPG. Another small ink that was a blast to draw!





The Wizard of the Wastes himself!
All the inks for this adventure were quite small, like 3 or 4Ē tall and however wide. I sometimes feel itís better to have art on almost every page than just a few half or full pagers. What do you Epochians prefer in game books?


Bad dog!
More potential trouble for your characters in Wizard of the Wastes, a 15 page free or ĎPay What You Wantí pdf for The Mutant Epoch RPG.
I better get used to drawing mutant dogs because the next short release is a solo-play adventure called Dog Daze!



One of the 11 inks from our latest release. Iím assuming that mostly game masters and general art fans follow this here social media thingy, so gonna start posting art from in-game encounters. Hope this doesnít spoil it for any potential players.



Wizard of the Wastes
by Rey Rodriguez

A diabolical wasteland wizard

A village enslaved

An island fortress and its steel clad protectors

Tuvor, a dusty tribesman, interrupts your dig team's drinking to plead for help. To the north, his people suffer under the heel of an evil wizard who has enslaved them and murdered his wife. He seeks a band of adventure-hungry excavators to rid his land of the wizard's blight. Your party has plundered the depths of the long-dead cities for lost tech and defeated mutant horrors of the new era, but have you been heroes before? Perhaps this adventure will answer that question. 

This is our 9th One Day Dig, written by Rey Rodriguez, and is a Pay What You Want adventure suitable for both new and experienced players using characters of 1st or 2nd rank and can occur in the Crossroads Region http://www.outlandarts.com/crossroads-region.htm or the Game Master's own setting. It includes 3 maps, 11 illustrations, and is 15 pages. Look for upcoming post-apocalyptic adventures and supplements from Outland Arts.



Price: You decide! Pay What You Want

Donate directly at gumroad.com* or get it at drivethrurpg.com
*Where we earn 95% commission and you get the same download!







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