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Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 23

Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 23
Dec 3rd 2014



Mutant Bestiary One Just Released!

Mutant Bestiary One splash page view

 Learn more at the book's page, or buy now in print through createspace (Amazon.com) or PDF via our new gumroad sales system, or better yet get it direct with our ‘Double Barrel’ deal via paypal:

Double BArrel MB1 deal

In Other News 

Support The Mutant Epoch!

Hey, I’m on Patreon! After much contemplation, and seeing what other creative artsy fartsy types were doing with this site, I’ve decided to give this fan support thingy a try. Yeah, I thought I’d go against my own grain a bit and do ‘the ask’.

Throughout history, artists and writers have relied on the patronage of the church, state and wealthy to pursue creative endeavors and bring us some of the most famous works of art, literature and music the world has ever known. My plans aren’t that grand, but I do love to bring out new content for TME fans, including plenty of free and ‘pay what you want’ PDFs. You can help in this by becoming a patron of the arts, Outland Arts, that is, for as little as a buck a month. This money will go toward the online costs of web hosting, banner and a few print ads, postage to send copies to reviewers, and the general promotion of The Mutant Epoch game, novels and universe.patreon-age-pic-

I know many of you have already done so much to promote The Mutant Epoch. You've spread the word online, answered questions for new TME gamers on the forum, created game content, crafted positive reviews, retweeted, approached your local game shops and GM'd adventures at conventions. I am incredibly thankful to you for this.

But, there are also plenty of people I know of who aren’t RPG players at all, nor go in for post-apocalyptic media of any type, and won’t buy Mutant Epoch books. However, they believe in what I am doing and see how obsessed I am with making the TME milieu reach the tipping point and go big. They want to help, too. By offering them a way to support my efforts through this arts patron model, they can help make this happen in a painless, yet highly effective and much appreciated way.

Many people have also been encouraging me to initiate a kickstarter for an upcoming book (can you say ‘Expansion Rules’), and I agree, but in the meantime, this more subtle approach to crowd funding is the best fit. So, here’s the link if you’re curious to learn more (its supposed to be www.patreon.com/mcausland but that isn’t active yet, so for now, follow this link to check it out:  http://www.patreon.com/user?u=412478



Gumroad PDF Sales venue

Huh, Gumroad? What the heck is this?
gumroad mutant bestiary one screen shot
Have you heard of Go Direct ? It’s a book by Jim Kukral in which he clearly explains how to sell your books directly, cutting out the middle men. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the onebookshelf sites of RPGnow and Drivethrurpg.com and will always use their services and expect to find new fans for the TME through their sites, however, they take a nearly half of each PDF sale. They deserve that for customers they attract to our products, but we do a lot of independent advertising at our cost and then go on to send people to the links at their site. That's not right.
    So, finally, you can get the same PDF products through our site and we earn 95%. Gumroad is a file hosting and payment site (secure credit card payments), and its the way of the future if you ask me.
    So, if you click a link to a PDF from our site, this newsletter or some other online source in our various feeds, you’ll probably be taken to Gumroad for checkout. The price for our PDFs is the same to you, and they allow free and pay what you want products and free copy delivery, so please give this new option a try as it will make a huge difference to us.
    Our goal is not merely to survive at this indie publishing thing, but to do well enough to commission work from other artists, writers, editors and specialists in other areas, and promote The Mutant Epoch far and wide. We are just getting started Epochians, and with your help, we can eventually see The Mutant Epoch to be the dominant post-apocalyptic RPG on the market, and the hub rules on every gamer’s book shelf.

I hope you’ll give our pdf books on gumroad a chance. Thanks for your support!

Curious? Here’s the link to the Mutant Bestiary One: https://gumroad.com/l/vcVCM


Form Fillable PDF character sheets

Some months ago Thorneldrich from our forums began sending us form fillable PDF variants of all our standard character sheets, as well as the GM’s Character Campaign reference sheet.  We’ve placed these in the Society of Excavators member’s area in the Character Sheets zone at this link:

     Special thanks, applause and an extra share of the loot are in order for Thorn for his hard work on these highly valuable resources. Be sure to check out his other awesome contributions to the game on the forum: http://mutantepochforum.boards.net/user/101

Thank you, sir!


Movie Previews

Mad Max: Fury Road Official Comic-Con Trailer
The music by Junkie XL sounds freakin’ fantastic. Good drawing tunes if you ask me! Check it out:

 Fury Road Mad Max Trailer

Into the Storm - Official Main Trailer
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xBH25XxM-7g or go to the official site:
 http://intothestormmovie.com/ What? This came out in August? Has anyone seen this yet? Flaming tornados? Going to use that in a game!

 Into the Storm trailer pic

AMERICAN SNIPER Trailer #1 (2014) Bradley Cooper, Clint Eastwood Movie

So, this is the movie about the late Navy Seal, Chris Kyle. I read the book and found it fascinating and harsh. The idea of small combat teams appeals to me for many reasons, but as far as The Mutant Epoch goes, you got to admit that a well run excavation party is more like a fire team than a mob of looters ransacking a local neighborhood. Having characters with different gear, skills and mutations fulfilling different roles is a smart move, especially if you can have a couple of PCs on a nearby rooftop setup on ‘overwatch’ while the main dig team approaches an objective.

American Sniper 

Still, unlike Mad Max, which is purely fictional, American Sniper may be too much reality for some folks, as is evidenced in the comments under the youtube video’s link. Holy crap.  People there are debating on whether or not he was a hero or psychopath. I never met the guy so can’t say, but snipers are a rare breed and essential to a modern military as observers and a force multiplier.  Here’s a link to another youtube video about a USMC sniper in Fallujah, Iraq if you want to see more:

Podcast Spotlight

Pritzker Military Museum & Library

For me, one thing about tabletop RPG gamers that holds true in 9 outa 10 cases is that you people are smart. Whether university grads or high school drop outs, rpg gamers are well read and abnormally well versed in history. Let me share with you one of my favorite podcast shows, the Pritzker Military Museum & Library podcast.
    Covering U.S. military events and personalities, this show is something I listen to during the long, solitary hours I keep in the studio. I think you history fans are going to appreciate this if you haven’t already discovered the series.

    Recently, the Korengal episode was presented and it gripped me. It was one of those shows that made me put down my pencil and just listen in awe of what Sabastian Junger related.
    You can either subscribe via itunes or give this one show a listen with this link:

 Acclaimed writer and journalist Sebastian Junger returns to the Pritzker Military Museum & Library for a special screening and discussion of his new film, Korengal.


Auto Subscribed? Your Thoughts Welcome.

We’re trying a daring new approach to the newsletter, and that is automatically sending it out to SOE members. Why? Well, for years now we’ve heard feedback that people weren’t receiving Outland Arts Insider, having assumed it was part of the SOE membership thingy and not realizing they had to sign up separately. This is a hassle. An industry friend told me that people will unsubscribe if not interested and to instead proceed with automatically adding them to the list.

            Ahhhh, I am a bit torn on this so please let me know what you think! Also, if you don’t want the newsletter, just email me back with the word ‘unsubscribe’ in the subject line. Much appreciated troops!


That's it Epochians. In closing, stay tuned for more frequently updated newsletters as we announce some overdue free Creatures of the Apocalypse and upcoming ‘pay what you want' One Day Digs. Yes, Mutant Bestiary One took about 6 months longer than was anticipated. When you see all the art you'll know why!

 Best regards from the frozen wastes of British Columbia,

William McAusland


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