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Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 27



Hello Epochians! It’s been awhile since our last newsletter but rest assured we have been exceedingly busy around the studio! This is a content rich issue so let’s get right to it!


Dirty Rotten Rats!

One Day Dig : Hunt in the Dark
by Giulio Iannarella just released!

You awake in the night to a commotion in the streets. The village of Rust Haven has been attacked. Taking advantage of the noise and chaos, Black Scavenger, a dangerous, ruthless prisoner, has escaped through the floor of his jail cell. Who or what aided him is unknown, but your dig team is recruited to go after him at once, into the darkness of ancient ruins beneath the community. There is more to this bestial rat scav than meets the eye, and the fate of the villagers above, and wider region, rest in your hands.
     This is what you live for. You are excavators and post-apocalyptic heroes.


 Hunt in the Dark is our 6th One Day Dig for The Mutant Epoch RPG and was written by Giulio Iannarella. Why not show your support to this new RPG author by throwing a few coins in the tip jar?  In this 15 page Pay What You Want product is 1 full page player handout and 1 map, 25 illustrations, a mutant sub-species and two new relics.  

Here’s the link:

Gumroad https://gumroad.com/l/dGZTW

Drivethrurpg.com http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/164480/One-Day-Digs-6-Hunt-in-the-Dark?src=slider_view



Do you got this map?

We’ve made a Downloadable 16 x 16” Crossroads Region Map available to the general public. If you already have the Crossroads book, then you already have access to this hand sculpted image. For those just discovering the game and our first setting, we hope that seeing this map will inspire you to look deeper into what we offer.
Here's the link to snag it at drivethrurpg.com

Youtube book Overview Videos

Back in September I spent a few weeks creating youtube videos for each of our books. The learning curve was steep. I had to redo many of them before I released something I could live with. Still, they do what I set out to achieve and am happy with them. I think of them as if you were sitting down across the table from me at a convention at my booth, and I’m telling about the book’s features.
       For upcoming videos, like demos of character generation, combat and our other products, I’ll be looking into different software that doesn’t compress my audio so coarsely. Here are the video links. Just click an overview picture and it will take you to the video on youtube where you can then click play. Please comment and share.

The Mutant Epoch Hub Rules

The Mall of Doom

Beyond Red Crater

The Flesh Weavers

The Crossroads Region Gazetteer

Pitford: gateway to The Ruins

Excavator Monthly Compendium

Mutant Bestiary One


Coming Soon!

Creatures of the Apocalypse Codex: A Mutant Manual of 20 Freakish Fiends

All 13 Creatures of the Apocalypse from the free PDFs, plus the Muto Harpy and 6 never before seen freakish monsters. This mutant manual will be available in full color print, grayscale print and of course a PDF. Need a gift for your TME game master? Well, we are aiming to have this new bestiary out as a Holiday Season release so look for it around the end of November.

The Mutant Epoch Quick Start booklet
Also, let’s expand the community and make it easier to turn everyday RPGers into Epochians! Arriving early this winter is The Mutant Epoch Quick Start booklet. This kit will be both a PDF and a print book! The PDF of this is going to be a free or perhaps Pay What You Want and made to introduce gamers to the Outland System and the Mutant Epoch hub rules and milieu. When the time comes, I want you all to freely distribute the TME Quick Start PDF kit, print it, share it, and let your hardcore D&D players to become acclimatized to the TME setting and rules.    
       The Quick Start kit will have a new cover image but use art from the hub rules and some from the Crossroads Region Gazetteer book and give just enough mutations, implants, skills, castes, creatures and relics for curious RPGers to roll up characters and play the game. We are also adding a special One Day Dig to this kit that will allow the user to use just the quick start guide to run an intense adventure with only elements included in the TME QS booklet appearing in the adventure. Of course, those of you with the hub rules will be able to play it ‘as is’ just like any other One Day Dig. This special dig will eventually be included in a ODD print collection, along with between 3 and 5 never before seen short adventures, when we do the One Day Digs expanded print book.

Of course, work continues on both the novel series and the mighty The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules. Sorry, can’t say when the novels or expansion rules will be released. It is an enormous undertaking involving a lot of writers and play testers so more like a symphony than a garage band.

PA Film
State Zero - post apocalyptic short by Andrée Wallin 


This is some fun, spooky stuff. This short film reminds me of the Hunt in the Dark adventure noted above, and I can only imagine the fear of being on an excavation beneath the earth. I am encouraged that at the end it says ‘to be continued’.


Paxton K. wrote a favorable and clearly educated overview of the Mutant Epoch hub rules. Please share the link with your RPG groups! http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/16/16500.phtml

"This is possibly the best game I have ever purchased out of hundreds of games. I have read the other reviews and will try and fill in some of the blanks for those who are trying to decide if this is the P. A. game they want. Read more…

 Okay, back to work on plenty of projects.

Um…Where to start?

William McAusland
The Mutant Epoch

Outland Arts / The Mutant Epoch RPG / Fantasy Clip Inks / Handcrafted Dungeons

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