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Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 34

June 18th 2019

Hello Epochians!

Whoa, has it really been so long since I crafted a newsletter? I often feel that I'm announcing updates on the Expansion Rules, showcasing new art, promoting our new Monday Mutants lineup and spending half my day on social media, so much so that I wonder if I am overlapping the same updates over and over to the same fans. And yet, during it all, I know that some of you can only be reached by email. For those of you who have seen and heard all this on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, the forum, the blog, MeWe.com and other forums out there, then bear with me as I update everybody and announce a few cool things that you might not have seen anywhere else.

Summer is here, the kids will be done with school and if I must, I can work late into the wee hours to make tons of progress on the long awaited Expansion Rules.

    Before I forget, I just want to thank all of you who have submitted mutations, relics, implants and other goodies for inclusion in the TME Expansion Rules book, but especially Danny Seedhouse who has crafted some astounding content that I promise you will be thrilled with. He is probably writing a sixth of the book.

    Oh, and if you got a new mutations, flaw, implant or relic that you think should be in the book, and you don't already see it the table of contents on the website, email it within the next week and we'll try and slide it into the upcoming book before we go to final layout.

With that said, let's get into it....


Introducing Monday Mutants

Monday Mutants provide game masters with an all-new deviated freak for your next post-apocalyptic Mutant Epoch game session. Until further notice, we will be releasing a new beast every Monday, with a minimum of 12 planned out in advance and more to follow if the first wave meets with a favorable response.
    Priced to move at the always affordable Pay What You Want cost, these critters are sure to add an element of the unexpected to your next ruin crawl. Each includes a full page version of the ink artwork for use as a player hand out which at our table we simply use within the PDF and hold up the iPad to show the player what their characters see.
    For those of you who like a print book at your table, we aim to compile these weird things, plus extra mutie weirdness, into a book once we have plenty of them crafted.



 Check out this growing collection at our site here:
Monday Mutants for The Mutant Epoch RPG


Also see the art at  the Monday Mutants Art Gallery

Expansion Rules Progress Report

When not working on the Expansion Books writing, edits, play-tests, and other tasks, I've been doing illustration work almost daily on this huge book. What follows is just some of the art to be included in this tome. You can see these final inked images, and follow along as more is revealed, on all the popular social media sites as well as an ever growing gallery here:

The Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules:: Art Gallery page 1



Also visit the book's permanent homepage, The Mutant Epoch RPG Expansion Rules which features the latest table of contents.


The goal is to have this book out this fall, preferably with print copies at Attack-X Wargaming Expo here in my home city of Kamloops in mid-September, although as I mentioned in a recent blog post... that's going to be hard to achieve given the amount of art alone. Still, that is what I'm aiming for and working toward, whether its impossible or not. Wish me luck.


Bundle of Holding Presents The Mutant Epoch for 6 more days Only!

Also newsworthy is the Bundle of Holding deal that has been running for a couple of weeks now and as of writing this, has 6 days and 4 hours remaining.

    297 Bundles have been purchased with 10% of the proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. While some of you receiving this newsletter are getting this email because you just bought the bundle, and welcome to the Epoch all of you! The vast majority of you, however, are longtime Epochians and probably have most of our titles. However, some of you are mainly users of print books, so for you, this is the perfect chance to get most of the PDF versions of our titles are at a ridiculously low price for your tablet.

    Likewise, if you're a PDF user or TME game master, this is a splendid opportunity to let your players know where they can get their own PDF versions of the books so they can take a turn being the GM themselves, start their own TME campaigns or just enhance their knowledge of the Outland System game mechanic, of the town of Pitford, and the Crossroads Region.


Click the image header below or go to https://bundleofholding.com/presents/MutantEpoch to check out this once in a lifetime deal.


In Other News


Short Adventures

Our next one Day Dig is called Wizards of the Wastes by Rey Rodriquez. This is our 9th ODD and just needs art and maps to make it table ready.



The Mutant Epoch Novel series first draft is complete and initial edits will begin this fall once the Expansion Rules are released. Cover art, chapter header graphics, maps, and more will be started this coming winter.


Full Length Adventures

Following the launch of the Expansion Rules, the following full length, epic Multi-Path adventures will go into art phase. Blood Road and Nuke Tower. Both of these Pitford area based adventures are written, the maps completed and playtest about to begin (again). They are not two parts of the same adventure, although one is for rank 2 to 3 adventurers and the other for ranks 4 to 5, so make perfect companion digs for veteran PCs.


Fantasy RPG

A playtest version of a fantasy RPG using the Outland System is in production and testing, although been on the back burner for a long time pending the creation of so much TME content. That said, an initial lite playtest version will be made available to SOE (Society of Excavators) members for free prior to a more in-depth, art-heavy version's production. This, like so many things, won't be in your hands until after the Expansion Rules are out.

    If it meets with a favorable response, we will proceed to establish a parallel, sister line of game books, a separate website, and everything. Players would be able to have their characters travel via magical portals and mutations like Dimensional Hole (new in the Expansion Rules) to pass from one game world to the other, although in the fantasy setting, a couple of new traits will be added to reflect the PC's mana and divinity. Email me if you want me to show the already cover art for this project in the next newsletter.


Social Media

With the demise of our G+ community, we are attempting to set up shop over at a new online venue called MeWe.com, which seems pretty decent actually. Special thanks go to Brandon Goeringer for setting up and maintaining the old TME G+ site. Find me at: https://mewe.com/i-front/williammcausland




Convention/Demo Runners Support Kit
Many of you run demo games of The Mutant Epoch at conventions. Dennis P. Most recently ran sessions at North Texas RPG con. I am so grateful for all of you who, like Dennis, Mr. Seedhouse, and Mr. Schuster and others who run games.

    I want to encourage this and help however I can from the northern wastes up here in Canada. I've been talking to some of you on our facebook page and elsewhere about what might be cool to include in a demo runner's kit for those who want to help spread the word about The Mutant Epoch. I'll get into this deeper in the next issue of this newsletter, but if you have any ideas of what you'd like to see, both as goodies for the GM-host and to players who sign up to play at conventions, please email me directly at info@outlandarts.com.

    So far I have the following ideas

For the Convention GM-Host:

A signed piece of original art as a thank you


Latest Game book or adventure
Poster with spaces for when the session will be run and game details

One Day Dig with handouts and maps in print form

A color-coded spreadsheet mini-poster for the Hazard Check Matrix.
Some half-sheet cards of common monsters or encounters...

For the Convention players:


A couple of copies of the TME quick start rules or latest adventure as prize support

Pre-generated PCs with art


But what else? Let me know.



Whew, that was a lot of stuff. Thanks for making it to the end here. Stay tuned for more Monday Mutants and other news from Outland Arts in issue 35.

All the best,

William McAusland


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