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Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 25

Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 25
July 6th 2015


Hello Epochians! It’s been months since we’ve sent out a newsletter. We’ve been very busy here at Outland Arts while in my personal life medical challenges with my daughter demanded much of my attention. She has been cured of her rather serious infection and now back to normal… just in time for summer fun. Yes, our latest book was a few months delayed and we’ve created some new free PDFs that have yet to be announced in our newsletter. But let’s get right to our big news…. 

The Flesh Weavers just released!

 The Flesh Weavers cover

The survival of Pitford rests in your hands!

    A sandstorm batters the enclosed fort, forcing the characters to lay low.  Food and water are running out. Worse, something unspeakable approaches and takes advantage of the blinded defenders... an insidious peril that hungers for Pitford's citizens.
This horror themed module takes place in and around the Quest Path Apartments. Here, the excavators are thrown into the middle of a nightmarish ordeal, where their survival is in question, where their failure could lead to a regionwide catastrophe.   

Featured in this book:

Multi-Path adventure design: never plays the same twice. Designed for group gaming or you can test your survival instincts, knowledge of The Mutant Epoch™ and wits by solo playing.
  71 Illustrations  
6 Player Handouts  
13+ Maps  
1 New Creature + variants
8 Pre-generated 3rd Rank Player Characters  
104 Pages

Print version $14.99 Createspace or Amazon.com or lulu.com  

PDF version $6.99
or drivethrurpg.com
*We make 95% commision here, instead of 60%. Same price and file for the buyer.

Double Barrel Deal Interested? If so, you can get it using paypal, sending silver to info@outlandarts.com  $16.00USD in the USA or $20.00USD international and includes Print and PDF versions plus shipping.  See The Flesh Weavers product page for details

 Hers a couple of montoges of just sme of the interior art: 
art sample montage 1

art sample montage 2
See much more Flesh Weavers art at the book's own art gallery here


2 Free Creatures of the Apocalypse
We've released two new free creature PDFs sinc eour last newlsteer. In case you misssed them, here are some details and links on where to grab 'em...

Wailing Jhonny

Written and illustrated by Camille Robertson released back in March 2015


Wailing Jhonny

When you hear their shriek, you know you’re being hunted…. 

Using echolocation, the enormous, bear sized Wailing Jhonny haunts the twisted woodlands and tangled wastes of the new era. People forced to live near these creatures know well enough to stay the hell out of the woods at night, and lock up their families and livestock. Prowling alone or in packs, these mutated bat-like creatures are voracious omnivores which appear in both a standard and wildly mutated variety.  

The Wailing Jhonny was written and illustrated by industry newcomer Camille Robertson. This is our 10th FREE creature of the Apocalypse PDF. It’s a 7 pager and comes with a full page player handout of the cover art.





When running away is the smartest thing to do…. 

There is no dishonor in fleeing from this howling, dinosaur-like humanoid. Problem is, it’s faster than most of your post-apocalyptic heroes. Ravenous, solitary, smart and swift, the dreaded Tyrannosapien can appear as a normally deadly variant or with one or more nasty mutations. It is an almost perfect hunter, and in an age of nightmarish monsters, this enormous horror has few equals. 

This giant of the apocalypse is our 11th free creature and designed to challenge mid rank characters, especially those of naughty players who’ve been checking their smart phones during game sessions. This is a big PDF for a big creature, being10 pages long and including a d20 random mutation list and a d100 treasure table for discoveries at one of the beast’s feeding sites. NEW to this addition to the Mutant Epoch’s Creatures of the Apocalypse line are three separate crit tables covering bite, claw and trample attack modes, all to enhance the tragedies that befall characters who cross paths with this lumbering menace.

In Other News

A few months ago we updated our Mail Order and PDF bundle Deals, including the massive Overwatch Bundle. Of course, the Flesh Weavers isn’t part of all that yet, but if you’re interested, let us know and we can work something out. Here’s our bundles page:

Overwatch Bundle



Indie Press Revolution Supports Mutants
Did you know you can get our books through Indie Press Revolution? They sell PDFs and Print copies! Check them out as they carry a huge collection of small press RPGs:

Indie Press Revolution



Coming Soon

One Day Dig by Danny Seedhouse: Lilac Towers

More Creatures of the Apocalypse:  Talontessa and Chest Head

Major works In Progress

The Mutant Epoch Novel Series by W.S. McAusland and TME Expansion Rules


Gaming Music

I actually discovered this site through an old version of itunes that had the radio option under the music tab. If you got the itunes with radio, go to classical and select ‘More Epic’. Failing that, here is the web address: http://more-epic.playtheradio.com/index.cfm

            Since the demise of my beloved Grooveshark, and all the wonderful playlists I spent years making there, this will have to do. Great gaming/ web design/ layout/ illustration music! Would buy this music if I knew how and where, especially on good old CDs.

 More Epic screen shot


Okay, that’ll about do it this time around. I’ll be back with issue 26 soon enough as we release shorter PDF supplements.

Have a great week, stay cool and happy gaming!

William McAusland


The Mutant Epoch

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