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Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 21

Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 21
July 12th 2014


And so, this is another long overdue Newsletter. The last one, according to our records, was from late April? How can this be? I am resolved, then, to make these shorter and more frequent so you don’t miss out on all the great stuff going on at the Outland Arts bunker.

     Man, have we ever been busy!

     In this issue we present two more free creatures and reveal the first of our One Day Digs for The Mutant Epoch RPG. We also share Handcrafted Dungeons for those of you who enjoy fantasy miniature games, and introduce you to the artist Gennifer Bone. We close with an update on Mutant Bestiary One and other stuff we're working on.



First off, for those of you not following along on twitter, we’ve released two more free Creatures of the Apocalypse:

Backhatcher picture
Backhatcher by Brandon Goeringer

What’s that squishy popping sound?

Walking anywhere in the wastelands of The Mutant Epoch is always risky, but swamps pose a whole new level of peril. That squishy patch of ground your character just walked onto wasn’t as safe a step as it looked, and with a squeal, a popping noise and the flash of piranha-like teeth, you’re PC just encountered a brood of clingers freshly jettisoned from a Back Hatcher!

Quasi by James Butler

Its play time with Quasi!

Try to avoid getting your character mangled by this hunch backed humanoid. It means no harm. It just has to squeeze its beloved pet so tight!

The Quasi, written by James Butler, is so named after the literary character of Quasimodo. The difference here is that this powerful, childishly curious and moody freak has none of the nobility, empathy or wisdom of the hunchback of Notre-Dame. It instead spends its life making traps, harvesting foodstuffs, and obsessing over a pet or object. Woe to any excavator who becomes the focus of its all-consuming attention, as the Quasi is likely to manhandle, toy with and eventually shatter the person, abandoning the broken pet in some filthy hole or ancient room before turning its attention to whatever takes its fancy next.



One Day Digs 1 & 2 Double Feature: Blood for Bellridge and Feast of Freaks by Brandon Goeringer

Do your characters got what it takes?
Step into a world of post-apocalyptic gonzo adventure and find out! Introducing the One Day Digs Double Feature. Starting off with a bang, our first quest is Blood for Bellridge, followed up after a short intermission by Feast of Freaks!

Designed for introductory games at conventions, game stores, and private home tables, One Day Digs are the brain child of author Brandon Goeringer and illustrated by Will McAusland. They are crafted to showcase a bit of The Mutant Epoch setting and flavor, introduce some creatures and relics, as well as offer an example of how the Outland System game mechanic works. For the most part, these adventures are for 4 to 6 new PCs of first rank.

ODD cover
what you get


Handcrafted Dungeons sets 1 and 2 

You've spent countless hours painting your fantasy miniatures to look their best, why not play on some of the best looking gaming tiles?

handcrafted dungeons 1 & 2
Handcrafted Dungeons are literally that, crafted and painted by hand. All the details added to the furnished tiles are also hand built 
componentsand placed in the dungeons to add to the adventure's mystery, depth, danger and treasure hunting appeal.  

These tiles provide ready to play gaming terrain that has an old school, epic sword and sorcery feel, perfect for role-playing or any fantasy miniature dungeon crawl. Sets include 300dpi Jpegs of all floor tiles plus PNG format tokens for VTT play (Virtual Tabletop). Plus, each set includes a PDF of Full Color, Grayscale and Inkjet Friendlier files. 

Take a closer look at their webpage here: http://www.outlandarts.com/hcd.htm


Artist Spotlight

Gennifer Bone:: On Wings of Ink

A few weeks ago I was approached by Gennifer Bone  who has the On Wings of Ink blog-portfolio. She has done quite a bit of RPG work and I like her style, however, one piece in particular grabbed me. It’s called Monster #5 for Lusus Naturae and can be seen here: http://onwingsofink.blogspot.ca/2014/06/monster-5.html

 I love this thing, tho, wouldn’t want my first rank pure stock to run into it in a dark barter town street.


What're we working on?

Our next Free Creature of the Apocalypse is the Spiker by Danny Seedhouse. This walking tank comes in both a wild and cybernetic variant, and will kill your characters.
    Another Pay What You Want product is coming soon, too. Wasteland Treasure Tables sets 1 to 3 are well along and includes three d100 loot tables, with a 'general' table, a 'stuff found on defeated humanoids' table, and an adventure seed-rich 'Old Warzone' table that you're gonna love, but due to landmines, your players might sweat over.

Upcoming Sourcebooks for The Mutant Epoch RPG

To close out this newsletter, here’s the latest on the next sourcebooks.

The Expansion Rules Book is coming along slowly but steadily. Its going to be a hefty book, requiring a lot of careful playtesting and stacks of art. Given this, smaller or less involved titles will be released during the process. One such upcoming and long awaited book is the Mutant Bestiary One, which is in final art phase and our primary focus right now. I’d love to get this into distribution chains by September or early October, but will do a pre-sales offer as we did with the Gazetteer.  You can learn more about this book at its future product page: http://www.outlandarts.com/mutantbestiary1.htm

Here is one of the illustrations. This thing is called a Wailing Hook Fiend.

Wailing Hook Fiend



That's all folks. If you want to follow along on the progress of all things TME, then the best place is my twitter feed http://twitter.com/mutantlord

Happy Gaming,

William McAusland


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