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Outland Arts Insider Newsletter issue 19
December 9th 2013

The Crossroads Region Gazetteer released today!

Crossroads Region mock up

Adventure and Exploration Await!

Grab your gasmask, your knee pads, crossbow and blade! Suit up into your junk armor and survival packs and get ready to dive into a world of high adventure. Welcome to the Crossroads Region!


It is the year 2364. The Tainted Sea continues to recede, exposing patches of the former megalopolis of Los Angeles. Here, your heroes will explore old war zones, ruined cityscapes, reef-locked relic ships, stinking bogs and toxic bomb craters. Seek the bounty on the dreaded outlaw-cannibal Appro-Mortica, recharge your power cells at Array, and avoid purist deviant hunters and mutant supremacists as your dig team travels Forest Road.


The Crossroads Region Gazetteer is the first official setting for The Mutant Epoch RPG. Designed to connect with other upcoming gazetteers, this territory sits directly above uncharted zones meant to be crafted by the game master. No further settings will be published which document the areas south of the Crossroads Region, and instead future books will only describe areas, north, east and west.

 Included in this 448 page book:
33 Community Descriptions           98 Locations of Interest Descriptions
320 Illustrations        39 maps       20 NPCs
Plus details on regional factions, ruin areas, outlaws, heroes, organization, nomadic communities and much more!
Access to downloadable map and game ready content archive, including larger versions of included maps

by softcover buttonbuy PDF book

art gallery buttonCrssroads Demo PDF button



tree squidIn other news

Work progresses on our next book in the Mutant Epoch line: Mutant Bestiary One. This 148 page creature catalog, will sell for $21.99 print and 9.99 PDF   

     The layout is done, final edits half way completed and the rich array of artwork in the creation phase. Mutant Bestiary One contains 173 new creatures, encounter tables and as always, tons of artwork with every creature illustrated. Your players are going to be thrilled and challenged by the new selection of disgusting freaks, pitiful miscreations, giant nightmares, toxin and radiation infused pests, and as always a selection of new humanoids.

    Shown here is a Tree Squid about to surprise a dig team. These foul creatures can also occur in underground ruins areas where they are called Wall Squid. They come assorted sizes and colors, some getting big enough to lift an APC off the ground.




Film and Videos


CGI Futuristic Sci-Fi Short Film HD: "R'ha" by - Kaleb Lechowski

Written - directed - animated by Kaleb Lechowski, this a cool film I think you’ll all appreciate. It seems that the threat of the Mecha can play out on other world sas well as on Earth.



A Short Film HD: "True Skin"
by - N10N
Written & Directed by: Stephan Zlotescu, this SF film is set in futuristic Bangkok and is quite bizarre. The cybernetic implants shown in this vid are wicked and really blur the line between a person being a human and an android. Absolutely triggered some ideas for new implants! As you can see from the screen shot, this isn't really for... but nothing too racy.





Do you like old school Gamma World? Then you’ll enjoy this site: This is fun.  Gamma World: Over 30 years of I have no idea what is going on found at http://www.headinjurytheater.com/gammaworld.htm is a page dedicated to the old TSR RPG. Of course the author does mention the new Wotc edition.  Besides all the great artwork and his commentary, scroll down to the bottom and see where Jared also includes pictures of Gary Gygax's underage daughter Elise, pushing the original AD&D books! One ad has a caption claiming “Where the Action Is

Gamma World tribute page

Mad Max: Fury Road' to storm theaters Summer 2015

This is pretty exciting, and I guess I will have to wait that long. After the Crossroads, book which I expected out in May or June 2013, I know what it is to work ridiculously hard and still not get things out as fast as my overly optimistic imagination decrees.
      Here is the full article on the upcoming Mad Max movie: http://insidemovies.ew.com/2013/11/20/mad-max-fury-road-summer-2015/?cnn=yes

Artist Spotlight

Michal Kus Is a Dutch artist from Utrecht. http://michalkus.cghub.com/images/ At this cghub site he currently has a great blend of post-apocalyptic vehicles, as well as a ton of wicked relic war machines, scenes of very modern high tech cities, along with some character design. He is clearly a master concept artist, but the images are so crisp and clean they look like fine illustration or wall art. He is one of the few artists I’ve seen who has tackled airship designs, and they are simply fantastic.
Michal ‘s work offers a lot of inspiration to game masters looking for ideas for their next TME game session.


Alrighty then, that’s it for this issue. Next time we will be showing off some of the art from the upcoming Mutant Bestiary One book. Until then, keep you heads down out there. 

William McAusland


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