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Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 33

Sept 20th 2018



Howdy Epochians!

The summer has come and gone, the smoke from over 600 forest fires in British Columbia is now replaced by fog and frost. Sadly, there are no more trips out to the lake in our trailer. Fall is here, and with it comes a creative storm.
   I've been extraordinarily busy this summer, both with trips with the family and plenty of large projects for my one last freelance illustration client: Goodman Games. They do great stuff with their Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and working with the GG team keeps me challenged, exposed to alternate game content and improving my art skills -- I hope.

   Still, I've managed to do a ton of writing and some art for the long awaited, overdue and much coveted TME Expansion Rules. Heck, we've also managed to get a shorter, 61 page adventure done in time for playtesting at our local game convention: Attack-X Wargaming Expo in Kamloops.

   So, for those of you who didn't see today's news on our forum, on our twitter feed, on our blog, on Instagram, or our website, here is the announcement for our latest release...


Gun Station Gamma Released in Print and PDF!

The shifting sands have once more revealed the great gun. Can your dig team survive the wastes to reach it? What secrets and ancient treasures are found within… and what mutated and mechanical horrors call this place home?

Someplace in the dunes, near a dead city of the oldsters, stands Gun Station Gamma, once more emerging from the shifting sands. The intrepid excavators set out to investigate the fabled gun emplacement, having heard rumors of missing dig teams being taken there, of the vile humanoid occupants, of heartless slavers, and a great trove of relic treasures within.

In this rapid-fire adventure, the excavators face sandstorms, thirst, predators, and pitfalls before ever reaching their destination — and once they find it, then the trouble begins. What mad experiments, pitiless torments, evil ambitions await within this much-coveted installation in the wastes? Will the adventurers emerge triumphantly and put an end to a festering malice, or go out in a blaze of nuclear fire?

Gun Station Gamma, our 11th book, uses the Outland System™ game mechanic and requires only The Mutant Epoch™ hub rules RPG game book to play.  Designed for 6 to 10 third to fourth rank characters, this module is not setting specific, but if using the Crossroads Region as your campaign area, then the dig team can set out from Pitford.

• Rapid Fire adventure design: Crafted for group gaming of The Mutant Epoch™ RPG  with
 generally set locations and encounters, although with our usual mix of rich random loot tables.
• 31 Illustrations   • 1 Player Handout   • 3 Maps   • 4 New Creatures
• 61 Pages  
• Plus, SOE (Society of Excavator) Members can freely download all the maps, critters and handouts here.


  PDF $4.99 via Gumroad.com

 PDF $4.99 via Drivethrurpg.com

Print book $11.99 via Amazon.com



Expansion Rules Progress Report

Yes, we are still at it.
   I know many of you have been waiting along time for the Expansion Rules, but they are complex, art heavy and each new mutation, implant, relic, character type and other element needs to fit with each other both within this mighty tome and the previous Hub Rules book.
   Keep in mind it took 7 years for us to craft, test, write, test-play, insert edits and illustrate the Hub Rules, but this will certainly not take near as long!

 Here is a bit of new art for the upcoming book. The Expansion Rules permanent web page can be found at this URL: The Mutant Epoch RPG Expansion Rules


Please share these images, and art posts from all our books, on your own Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or website venue! Let's spread the word!


A mutorg with chainsaw implant arm, optic implant, three arms and the mutation Doom Sphere. Apparently the sand storm is causing some sort of wardrobe malfunction.


A female parasite unleashing healing energies on a fallen human, who, given up for dead, will become her next semi-vegetative host. This is destined to become a digital grayscale painting, and no, in the actual book I doubt any mild nudity will be pixelated out like this.


A tiny robotic united serving as the body for a Vat Brain character. This illustration, to be inked, will accompany the text for the robotic crab legs listing. Each Vat brain will start out like a unique robot in that it will be housed in a metal body...  the character's parts randomly generated.

To be inked, this sketch shows a plant wearing a goalie mask and body armor. Note that it has two manipulator arms but a great many locomotive roots to get around. Also, although not clear here is the optic nodes behind each of the eye ports on the mask.


Well that's it this time around. Stay warm and stay tuned for another newsletter in the near future showing more Expansion Rules Art and new content for The Mutant Epoch RPG.

All the best,

William McAusland


The Mutant Epoch

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