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Outland Arts Insider News letter issue 28

Outland Arts Insider issue 28                   December 31st 2015


Hello Epochians!

Creatures of the Apocalypse Codex Released!


This mutant manual showcases 20 nasty freaks to keep your players on their toes. Included in this tome are the first 13 deviant adversaries from the free PDF offerings: Sickle Foot, Red Harvester, Spikeback, Junk Mobster, Bog-Billy, Scraplurker, Back Hatcher, Quasi, Spiker, Wailing Jhonny, Tyrannosapien, Chest Head, and Talontessa. Also included is the disturbing Muto-Harpy which was previously only available to Society of Excavator members by way of joining our forums, and six never before seen nasties including the troublesome little Nubinz, the grotesque Walking Mouther, slithering, highly venomous Snaykin, enormous yet varied race of Rubble Trolls, winged terror called the Apocalypse Moth, and most fearsome, intelligent and terrifying of all, the Spider Lord.


All of these creatures come with their own mutation listing, and many, an extensive loot table perfectly suited to the sort of fiend they are, the victims they collect, and dwelling place they inhabit. Also included are encounter tables and the full page, text-free art for each beast to be cut out, photocopied or downloaded from the members area of our website. Use these full page images as player handouts to show the gamers at your table what their character see.

This collection of deviants were illustrated by William McAusland and Camille Robertson, with creature design and writing by Danny Seedhouse, Brandon Goeringer, James Butler, Camille Robertson, and William McAusland.

Learn more here: http://www.outlandarts.com/cotacodex.htm


This is our first full bleed color book, although a much more affordable grayscale print version has also been crafted. Going forward, with the upcoming Expansion Rules  (TME-X) at least we will be producing full bleed books, although TME-X will be full of hundreds of ink and grayscale images so produced in black and white. That said, I am so pleased with the color printing by Amazon.com.


We tested lulu and rpgnow's color options and found them lacking so will not be producing color books through any outlet other than Amazon. The full color PDF is also a real departure and I am not too humble to say I love it!

Here’s the links on where to acquire this book, get a demo PDF and see the art gallery...

Color Print and PDF demo here    or  Grayscale Print Demo here 

Art Gallery here 

Print versions

Color Print book via Amazon.com

Grayscale Print Book via Amazon.com

PDF ebook versions

PDF Direct from us via Gumroad**
**We earn 95% of the sale via Gumroad. Same price to you!

PDF via Drivethrurpg.com

Miniatures for The Mutant Epoch? 

There has also been a lot of talk about miniatures for the Mutant Epoch, both pewter and paper. ‘Yes’ is my answer.         
I attended a sculpting class with industry veteran Bob Murch. Please check out his wonderful website here https://pulpfigures.com/home/

 and consider ordering some authentic lead minis. I bought the entire series of cultists when he attended the recent Attack-X wargaming expo.


            Sculpting 28mm miniatures is a heck of a lot of fun, but I realized part way through the class that to make a great looking figure that will cast properly, is far more challenging than I ever imagined. There are a few guys here in
Kamloops that are trying their hand at making TME minis, and I will keep the community updated on progress on that front.

            As for paper miniatures, I think they are a fabulous idea and well over a year ago I started a huge series of them. Not sure what ‘new shiny’ thing stole my attention away from them but in the new year I’d like to see the first sets coming out in PDF sets. Will probably make uncolored and pre-colored versions in each set. Thanks to Russ for encouraging me to get them done! Here are some scans from some of the inked figure fronts...

The Computer Crash of 2015

Why the heck is this newsletter so late? How come Mutant Lord isn't answering his emails or on the forums or anything? What gives?

Welp, my main computer died after 7 years of great service to the Outland Arts Empire. On December 1st I was all set to release the new book noted above, when that morning, the main computer failed to power up. It had been acting odd all November and I knew its days were numbered, so I did back things up here and there just in case, but not well enough. I've tried everything to get the machine up and running again and in my efforts failed my hazard check and managed to wipe the hard drive of everything, including the operating system.

To keep this brief, let me just say that rebuilding a graphics workstation is time consuming. Yes, I did archive all the files, but its kinda like saving a jigsaw puzzle back in its box after previously having it fully assembled on the table.  All those jumbled pieces need to be put back in place. Every image and text file, graphic, texture and icon needs to be properly linked to the page layout program for it to show up and print or convert to PDF.  Its been a bit of an indie publisher's nightmare.

    Merely backing files up was not enough for us to get up and running again on the new work station. I am going to spend weeks trying to sort things out and set up two new publishing systems, one on a desktop computer and the other on a brand new laptop. Fortunately I did manage to release the book by the 15th, but with Christmas which is a big deal around here – I am only now getting to the newsletter announcing the books arrival. Yes, those of you on the forum and following on twitter will know of the new book, but many of you can only be reached by this newsletter, so hearing of the COTA Codex here for the first time.

Going forward, we will be relying more heavily on automated file backups, dual external drives, and off-site storage.


Our Goals for 2016

Besides several new One Day Digs, the free Quick Start Rules, and ongoing work on the novel series, we are plugging away at the much anticipated Mutant Epoch Expansion Rules book.



Science-Fiction Adventure Comic Book by Nick Klie.

http://lifethen.com/ follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/lifenecropolis

 Just starting up: the life and times of a Sci-Fi mercenary. “It’s kind of like Star Wars meets The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” Check it out folks!

Alrighty then, back to rebuilding this publishing and graphics workstation. Is the DVD drive near the computer's pop out cup holder?

Happy New Year from all of us at Outland Arts

William McAusland


The Mutant Epoch

Outland Arts / The Mutant Epoch RPG / Fantasy Clip Inks / Handcrafted Dungeons

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