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How do your post-apocalyptic heroes know each other?


Issue 3 presents a robust article on dozens of possible ways in which characters meet up prior to the beginning of game play. We also present the Fixed Value Allotment method of character generation, two wicked NPCs, two new relics: Landmine Detection coil and Advanced Grenade Launcher, along with three nasty creatures: The Devil Spider, Mutant Perch and Jaw Crawler. Other articles include Outfitting a Post Apocalyptic Army, Silver Coins & Ancient Currency, Character Type Rotation and Similarity, another great treasure table and much more.


This issue includes:

2 NPCs     

3 New Creatures     

2 New relics
1 Treasure Table       

1 Character generation system (Fixed Value Allotment)      

24 illustrations & 1 Map    

44 Pages


ISBN 978-0-9782585-6-6


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