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Welcome adventurer! This is the first issue of Outland Arts' entirely The Mutant Epoch focused magazine: Excavator Monthly. 

Included in this inaugural issue are articles on GM rewarded Experience Factors, another on how to handle multiple player characters, a character generation technique: the Double Barrel System, a word on some gaming blogs and podcasts, new relics: liquid flesh and the net gun, 2 NPCs and 3 mutant creatures: the creeping digester, jaw hog, and howling eviscerator. There is also a short story entitled Demon in the Depths, a write up on The Mutant Epoch website, preview of Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins, and a treasure table. Finally, an extensive article on Spiderborgs as NPCs, hostile foes, or player characters.

      Excavator Monthly is the official magazine for The Mutant Epoch milieu, covering the TME RPG, fiction, art and more. Not using the Outland System? No worries, there is a ton here that any post apocalyptic GM can utilize.

 Highlights of what this issue includes: 
2 NPCs 
3 New Creatures 
2 new relics 
1 new NPC or PC race (Spiderborgs) 
1 short story 
1 Treasure Table 
1 Character generation system (Double Barrel) 
19 illustrations 40 pages

Visit Issue 1 art gallery




See Excavator Monthly Issue 2  





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