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Basic Dungeon Tiles Set 2

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Basic Dungeon Tiles set 2 can be used alone, but we recommend adding it to set 1 as the first set contains more standard corridor sections as well as entrances from outside into the underground realms you create, plus, 4x4” end caps or ‘dead end’ sections to avoid running a dungeon off the table. By combining sets 1 and 2, the possibilities for truly enormous dungeon complexes can be achieved, thrilling your players and making for miniature games they won’t soon forget.


Handcrafted Dungeons set 2: Basic Dungeon Tiles Includes 63 tile pieces:


28 8X8” Chamber tiles, 5 being empty rooms with 6 variations of these that are furnished rooms. Two of these chambers have tiny rooms set inside a network of single file corridors while the twelfth is a lava filled chamber with mere stepping stones as possible access to the chambers beyond. One false step here and players will be rolling up a new character!



23 4x8" corridors and 4 variants of a 4x4 inch short passage. These include a variety of, unadorned hallways, as well as several with doors, some with hexagon or round wide points, others with nooks, pools, bonfires or worse, firetraps in both their on and off depictions. These halls, added to those from set 1, will offer plenty of options for joining various rooms, or extending onward and outward for a labyrinth.  










3 8x8" Corridor sections, including the 'L' turn, T-Junction and four way cross junction with a pool in the middle.












4 8x8” tiles to create a massive 16x16” chamber.














3 Paper Model Door sheets are also included offering 4 cut and assemble, free standing double doors, and 3 single doors. These doors are optional components and are scale models requiring simple cutting, folding and the application of a few drops of glue. Adhesive magnet strips can also be applied to their bottoms to add extra stability and weight.










2 Accessory Token Sheets: Two accessory sheets are also included containing tiles of various dimensions to be used during game play to reveal traps, treasure, skeletons, a pool, well, bonfire, campfire, bottomless pit, weapons, sarcophagus, stairs, rubble, and much more. Many of these tokens also appear in the furnished version’s we’ve created and included in the set, and some are different versions of those from set 1. These can be cut from the sheet and either placed on a game square loosely, or, adhered to the tile with some sort of removable adhesive for either in-game play or photocopying to create your own custom furnished tiles.







Also, each set includes three separate ready to print PDFs in full color, grayscale and more printer friendly inkjet color formats:


For VTT (Virtual Table Top) play, we have included a zipped folder full of all the floor tiles as 300dpi JPEGs, along with the accessory tokens as PNG files.



PDF $12.99     


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